How to Become a Youtuber in 2022

Akiva Aranoff
Jan 2, 2022
How to Become a Youtuber in 2022
How to Become a Youtuber in 2022

As the usage and popularity of the world’s largest video-sharing platform continues to grow, Youtube creators are coming more and more to resemble celebrities. As figures who regularly provide entertainment to thousands or millions of people, popular Youtubers are now cultural touchstones and household names among the younger generations. As well, with Youtube being one of the most important online marketing platforms, video creators have the chance to leverage their content for serious profits, allowing the best to lead the same luxury lifestyles as established movie stars, models, and musicians.

As the popularity and profitability of Youtube continue to increase, the benefits and desirability of becoming a Youtuber rise as well. Below, we’ll go over how to turn yourself into a Youtuber, some tips on success, and show how Maestra’s creative suite can make the whole process more effective by allowing you to caption, subtitle, dub, and transcribe youtube video content.

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Four Tips on Becoming a Successful Youtuber

Find Your Niche

The surest and most basic way to become a successful Youtuber is to create content that people want to watch. Finding a unique and viable niche among the millions of videos and creators on Youtube can be difficult and can be approached in two ways.

First, you can find a topic which is interesting to a large segment of the public, but for which there is little relevant content on Youtube. There are channels for just about everything on Youtube now, but by doing some careful research of your own, you’re bound to find topics people haven’t touched upon yet.

The other option is to make videos about topics others have already engaged with, but to put a new spin on them. This can mean adding a dash of humor, going into more detail, approaching a topic from a new angle, or even presenting commentary on the videos of others. Something has to set your videos apart from the rest and make people want to seek out your content over others’, and many major Youtubers have grown popular simply through their own personality and delivery while engaging with a common everyday topic.

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Create an Effective Schedule

If you’ve found a good niche and want to get right to video creating, you should first stop and do a little bit of logistical planning. Successful Youtubers stay popular in part because of their regularity, as remaining relevant depends upon posting consistently and keeping up-to-date. Writing, filming, editing, and posting videos takes time, so you’ll need to construct a schedule which is both realistic and keeps you consistently posting content. The longer you go without posting, the more viewers will lose interest in you. The more you rush your creative process, however, the lower the quality of your final products will be. The key is balance.

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Choose the Right Equipment

In the same way that shoppers will tend to go with the product with the best presentation, the quality of your videos and the way they’re displayed will have a significant effect on your viewership. Some elementary understanding of design and cinematography can go a long way, but so can having good quality equipment. Of course you can film videos with your phone, but using a dedicated camera and professional microphone can make a noticeable difference in quality and watchability, and make aspects of post-production like autotuning, equalization and voiceover much easier. Amazon, Guitar Center, and dozens of other retailers sell professional gear at a variety of price points, and putting down a little money now can make a big difference later.

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Learn SEO

Even with the perfect niche, good productivity, and the right tools, it can still be hard to build a following in the beginning. One key way to boost your popularity and expand your reach is to utilize SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and involves tailoring your content to make it more visible and accessible on major search engines. There are limitless ways to “do SEO,” but some of the most popular include putting popular search terms and phrases in your videos, transcribing and captioning your videos, and linking your videos on other popular sites and social media platforms. Better SEO means more people run into your content online, driving viewership, popularity, and success.

Maestra and Youtube

Maestra is the comprehensive software suite for creators of all kinds. For aspiring Youtubers, Maestra offers a variety of tools to help optimize your workflow and boost your videos.

Maestra’s transcription tool lets you transcribe Youtube video content in moments to help with SEO and provide access to your videos for the deaf and hard of hearing. Our captioning/subtitles tool works the same way, driving your search engine visibility and helping people watch your content more easily. Our MP4 converter also lets you easily integrate separate text files into your videos, saving you time and energy and letting you put out new videos sooner. Our voiceover tool helps you make your videos clearer, adding content and context in post-production without having to re-film anything. Finally, transcripts, captions, and dubs can all be generated in over fifty languages from Maestra’s extensive library, allowing people all over the world to discover, engage with, and enjoy your content.


Becoming a successful Youtuber is hard work, but having Maestra by your side can make a big difference in your productivity and visibility. Visit our website today and sign up for a full-access free trial to experience all that Maestra can do.

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Akiva Aranoff
Jan 2, 2022

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