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Maestra interface works as an audio-to-file converter that allows users to transcribe their files.

How to Convert Audio to Text

Obtain your transcription by dragging your files into Maestra's client or manually uploading from the target location.

1 Upload Audio Files

Upload an audio file to access Maestra's AI audio to text converter. Transcription will begin automatically after the upload, and you will receive the transcript within seconds.

Edit and polish the transcript through Maestra's text editor.

2 Edit and Export

Edit the text to your liking through Maestra's advanced built-in text editor. Speakers and timecodes will be automatically detected. Export the text as a Microsoft Word document, a PDF, or a plain text file.

Audio to Text in 125+ Languages

Transcription can break the language barrier to improve accessibility and allow content to reach a global audience. With more than 125 languages supported, Maestra's audio to text converter will automatically transcribe any audio file in record time, and deliver transcripts in multiple languages with great accuracy.

Benefits of an AI Audio to Text Converter


Converting audio to text through human transcription can be immensely time-consuming. Automatic transcription can convert audio to text in no time, allowing the user to spend that valuable time needed elsewhere.

Speaker Detection

Industry-leading transcription service allows users to transcribe speech with professional accuracy even if there are multiple speakers in the audio file. Different speakers are automatically detected and assigned numbers in the transcript.

Punctuation Included

Maestra provides state of the art AI transcription that includes capitalization and punctuation such as commas and periods, helping you save even more time through spot-on punctuation.

Leading AI Transcription Technology

Maestra uses the latest AI technology to accurately and swiftly transcribe audio files. Artificial intelligence keeps learning and improving, getting better by each day. And Maestra regularly updates and searches for new AI technology so the users always use the best technology available.

Audio Formats

All audio file formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, OPUS, WAV and WMA are supported and can be worked with when transcribing audio files.

Secure Data

Your transcription and audio files are encrypted at rest and in transit and cannot be accessed by anyone else unless you authorize. Once you delete a file, all data including audio files and transcriptions will be instantly deleted.


Interactive Text Editor

Transcribe recordings to text then proofread and adjust your automatically created transcripts using our friendly and easy-to-use text editor. Maestra has a very high accuracy rate, but if there are some words that need to be fixed, you can easily fix them here.

  • Export in Word (DOCX), PDF, TXT, SRT, VTT, MaestraCloud
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Proofread and adjust the transcripts through Maestra's interactive text editor.

Maestra Teams

Create Team-based channels with view and edit level permissions for your entire team & company. Collaborate and edit shared files with your colleagues in real-time.

Collaborate on projects and work with your colleagues through Maestra Teams, Maestra's tool that allows multiple people to create, edit or supervise files.
Maestra Cloud

Instant Audio to Text

Maestra will transcribe audio to text in just a few seconds using industry-leading speech to text conversion technology.

Share your transcripts online with MaestraCloud, just by sharing a dedicated link like this one.

Edit the transcript, then share it with others in the same interface.

Collaborate and edit the transcript

Maestra's audio to text converter allows you to edit and share the transcript in a collaborative environment.

You can create and share transcripts in 125+ languages by sending the transcripts to target e-mail adresses directly through Maestra.

Add Subtitles

Maestra's audio to text converter can provide many benefits. But when it comes to having greater accessibility, being able to Automatically Generate Captions goes a long way in improving your content. Not only are you able to improve your accessibility, but the overall comprehensibility of the content is increased.

After transcribing audio file or audio recording, adding subtitles is just as easy as using our other services. Maestra offers various fonts, font sizes, and colors, and many other additional custom caption styling tools.

Generate subtitles through Maestra, then edit the styling and formatting of the subtitles.
Add subtitles to a video automatically and upload the embeddable player to your social media website.
Embed Player

Embeddable Transcripts

Use Maestra’s embeddable player on your website to share audio files after you create captions, without having to download.

Click the icon to view automatically generated subtitles.

Custom Dictionary

Include commonly miss-transcribed or use-case specific terms in the custom dictionary to increases the chances that Maestra speech recognition engine will transcribe these phrases as they were put into the dictionary. Transcription accuracy can be substantially increased by the use of custom dictionary if the audio content includes lots of technical terminology.

Receive better accuracy by assigning importance numbers to your chosen words through Maestra's custom dictionary tool.


The process is completely automated. Your transcription and audio files are encrypted at rest and in transit and cannot be accessed by anyone else unless you authorize. Once you delete a file, all data including audio files and transcriptions will be instantly deleted. Check our security page for more!

Multi-Channel Uploading

Upload your audio files by pasting in a link to your browser or uploading from your device, Drive, Dropbox, or Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert my audio to text?

You can convert audio to text by using Maestra's audio transcription tool. Every audio format is supported in 125+ languages. Includes a free trial, no account or credit card required.

How can I transcribe audio to text for free?

You can convert audio to text for free using Maestra's online transcription tool. All you need to do is upload an audio file and the transcription process will automatically begin. You will be able to preview the transcript within seconds.

Which AI converts audio to text?

Maestra's AI audio to text converter can transcribe audio recordings, podcasts, lectures, or any kind of audio file within seconds with impressive accuracy. Maestra is up to date on AI technology and provides a state of the art audio to text converter for everyone to use.

Is there a free transcribe app?

Upload your audio file from the directory of your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube or public link of the file.

Is there an AI that translate audio to text?

Maestra's AI transcription tool does translate audio to text in 125+ languages with the best transcription accuracy and speed available.

How do I auto transcribe audio?

Upload audio files to Maestra's AI transcription tool and auto transcribe audio within seconds, available in 125+ languages.

Customer Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars
"The All In One "over the top" turnkey solution for Automatic Transcripts, Subtitles and Voiceovers"

What comes to mind as Maestra being the go-to solution for our company is that it's such a time and money saver.

"perfect for anything transcript needs"

The best thing about Maestra is how well it creates transcripts. It's so useful for me. It makes my day a lot easier.


Maestra is just amazing! We were able to produce subtitles in multiple languages assisted by their platform. Multiple users were able to work and collaborate thanks to their super user-friendly interface.

"Master the Media with Maestra"

The best side of this product is auto subtitling. And most importantly, it supports multiple languages.

"Pocket Friendly Content Creator"

It is cloud-based. It allows to automatically transcribe, caption, and voiceover video and audio files to hundreds of languages. It helps to reach and educate people all around the globe.

Edit every part of the transcript through Maestra's advanced text editor.

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