10 Ways to Create Shareable Content for Social Media

Fatih Bilgic
Jan 27, 2022
10 Ways to Create Shareable Content for Social Media
10 Ways to Create Shareable Content for Social Media

Creating shareable content for social media is important to growing your business and extending the reach of your marketing. When people share your content, your reach grows exponentially.

Every piece of content you post should be optimized for shares and engagement because each has the potential to go viral and get your brand the attention it deserves.

But you can’t rely on luck alone to see your content reach a huge audience, here are 10 ways that you can create shareable content that social media users are likely to love.

Look at What’s Trending

Keeping track of social media trends can help you to create content that appeals to a wider audience. If you notice that something is trending on social media, then use this as an incentive to create content that will reach the masses.

Social media platforms such as Twitter allow you to see what is trending online currently, and taking inspiration from these trends is a good move when you are looking to make shareable content. If it’s trending, this is an easy way to get people talking about your business.

Not every trending topic will be relevant to your business or brand, so do be picky about which topics you use in your content.

Offer Some Incentives

Everyone online is drawn to free things. Offering incentives will create more interest surrounding your business, expanding your audience significantly. Incentives can be offered through giveaways and other competitions. When using giveaways, encourage people to like or share your content in order to gain an entry into the competition.

Doing giveaways like this piques peoples’ interest in your company and many will want to see what your products are all about–and if the prize is good, you can ensure that you’ll gain a few customers.

Make Sure Your Content is Useful to the User

Users are much more likely to share content after they have assessed it for whether or not it is useful. In fact, The New York Times discovered that 90% of consumers will assess the usefulness of your content before making the move to share it.

To make sure that your content is useful, start by considering the question or issue that you are trying to address. Use your content to provide step-by-step information about how to solve the problem that you are addressing. Remember that customers are less interested in what your product is than in how the product can help them.

Finally, include a call to action to motivate users to share your content with others.

Draw Audiences in With Humor

Humor is a great way to make sure that you are appealing to a wide audience. People are much more likely to find your content engaging and shareable if you are humorous about it. Ensure that your team understands Internet humor such as memes, which have become a key part of online culture.

Embrace humor within your work, even if you fear that people will take it less seriously if you do. This is not the case–people will find your content relatable and shareable. Humor can be especially valuable if you are targeting industry professionals who will appreciate and identify with a good in-joke. As long as the product or services you provide are of high quality, a touch of humor will only help your marketing.

Use Visuals

Social media content without visuals is too boring for most people. Use images to catch the viewer’s eye. Think about your own experience with social media–you are much less likely to pause and read content if there is not an appealing image or video that goes along with it.

Oftentimes, images are the first thing that audiences notice, and are what draw them into your content in the first place. Understand the importance of images when you are trying to expand your clientele; an image is likely to be their first impression of what your company is all about.

Have an Intriguing Opening Line

Your content will fall flat if you can’t grab someone’s attention with the first line of your content. Your first line must be interesting and endearing, encouraging the audience to continue reading to find out more about your company.

Understand that most people online are skimming content and only give posts and webpages a few seconds of their attention before moving on. This means you need to use short, pithy language, make sure your formatting is easy to skim through, and craft an opening line that draws your audience in quickly.

If your opening line is boring, then audiences won’t have any motivation to continue reading, regardless of how engaging you think the rest of the piece is. The opening line is make it or break it.

Engage With the Customer

When you’re trying to create shareable content, you need to listen to what your audience is saying. Pay attention to feedback offered to you by other customers, and when customers try to interact with you, be open to fostering a discussion. Doing so on social media platforms will show potential customers that you value their voice and opinion.

Use Other Forms of Media, Such as Videos

Images are not the only way to grab someone’s attention–videos are a great way to interest the viewer. Seeing a moving image on the timeline will inspire many viewers to pause their scrolling and tune in. Make sure that, similar to your other content, the video is eye-catching from the get-go. If you can’t interest the viewer within the first few seconds, then you’ll lose them as a customer.

Don’t leave anyone behind with your video content, either. Videos should be made viewable to the largest demographic possible through multilingual transcription from audio to text and other accessibility tools.

Use Lists

Consumers love lists about things that interest them. Ranked lists that connect to your company and the products that you offer are a great way of increasing interest in your brand. Keep the list simple so that people don’t lose interest partway through, and make sure that whatever you are ranking is relevant to your audience.

Use Pop Culture

Pop culture is often what drives shares. Pay attention to what is relevant in the world and what people are eager to hear about. Don’t overwhelm your audience with pop culture references, but include enough to keep their interest. Using events that people are already interested in expands your audience and gets your business more attention.

Bonus: Utilize Content Creation Tools

You don’t have to go it alone. Take advantage of tools that will help you create the best content possible for your brand. Free, user-friendly sites like Canva can offer you a quick way to create engaging infographics and images.

And for video, Maestra is here to help you make sure people aren’t scrolling past that hard-earned video content you’ve posted. Maestra’s digital suite offers important video services like an auto subtitle generator, a voice caption generator and transcription from audio to text. With automatic voiceover and transcription tools in over 80 languages, you can ensure you’re getting the most eyes on your content. Explore all of the features Maestra has to offer by visiting us at our website.

Fatih Bilgic
Jan 27, 2022

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