How to Make Your Video CV More Effective With Subtitles

Ali Kaya
Jan 12, 2022
How to Make Your Video CV More Effective With Subtitles
How to Make Your Video CV More Effective With Subtitles

The interview process is changing. As applications for schools, jobs, internships, and other organizations have become digitized over the past few decades, the methods of vetting candidates for important positions has begun to move online as well. Many schools and companies are now combining aspects of the application and interview process by requesting a video cv or resume, allowing reviewers to know your skills and experience as well as your personality and personability.

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Posting your video cv online is a great way to draw in offers and opportunities and can significantly boost your chances of entering a lucrative career or an exclusive program. With Maestra’s subtitle generator for video, you can make your cv/resume even more effective, expanding your reach and drawing in more offers. Let’s look at how it works:

Why Make a Video CV?

Besides the fact that some employers and academic institutions are now requiring them, video cvs offer a number of advantages over traditional text files. First, a video cv helps you stand out from the competition. Rather than presenting yourself to companies and schools as just a collection of stats and credentials, reviewers get a chance to meet the real you and get walked through your unique set of experiences by the person who actually lived them. This makes you more memorable, more approachable, and more attractive as a candidate for any position.

In addition, a video cv can save you time by replacing a traditional application. Many places will now accept these in lieu of a classic form, allowing you to apply to more positions in less time. If you post your video online on a site like Linkedin or Youtube, organizations in search of new employees can quickly see whether you’re qualified for a position or not and make you an offer without you even having to apply.

In short, a video cv makes you a more visible and memorable contender for any position. With Maestra’s video subtitling, however, you can take your candidacy to a whole new level.


Why You Should Subtitle Your CV

Adding subtitles to your video cv can secure you a number of distinct benefits over other vocational and academic candidates—even those who also use a video cv.


Subtitles can be generated in any language, which gives you the potential to vastly expand your reach if you add them to your video. Vocational and especially academic opportunities may be more plentiful or specialized in other countries or continents, and being able to present or submit a video cv which is intelligible to international organizations can significantly boost your candidacy. With Maestra, you have access to over fifty different languages from our library, allowing you to instantly add translated subtitles to your video and render your content intelligible to audiences and prospective employers everywhere.

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SEO Visibility

Subtitles can also make your video cv more visible to potential employers and institutions if you choose to post it online. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines all employ crawler indexing programs to decide what results are displayed for each web search. Adding subtitles to your video cv allows these programs to better sort your video and makes it more likely to appear in the results page of a given search. Employers and other organizations in search of potential employees and members can easily find your file by searching for relevant qualifications or experience, making it far more likely they’ll discover you and reach out.

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Ease of Use

Finally, subtitles make it easier to engage with your video cv itself in a variety of ways. First of all, subtitles enable viewers of your video to watch it wherever they are: in loud restaurants, in quiet offices, in rideshares, at home, and any place where it’s difficult to listen to audio content. Second, viewers can easily scan through your video to find specific sections or keywords without having to listen through the whole thing. Third, hearing and reading the content of your video at the same time makes it (and you) more memorable. All of these things will be appreciated by potential employers and increase your chances of landing a great position.

Subtitle Your CV With Maestra

Being able to video caption online cvs has distinct advantages, and no one does it better than Maestra. To begin, visit Maestra’s website and select the subtitle/captioning tool. From there, you can upload your video cv in whatever file format you want and Maestra’s state-of-the-art speech recognition software will quickly convert your audio into a full textual transcription. Once you’ve chosen the language you want your subtitles displayed in, Maestra will apply the new text to your video, and you’re ready to export it however you like. It’s just that easy.

Maestra can help you supercharge your cv, but that’s not all. Our suite of tools can also help transcribe video, translate content, add voiceover, and more. To see the full range of Maestra’s capabilities, visit our website and sign up for a free trial of our entire suite.

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Ali Kaya
Jan 12, 2022

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