The Importance of Transcribing Educational Videos

Berkay Atatop
Jan 10, 2022
The Importance of Transcribing Educational Videos
The Importance of Transcribing Educational Videos

When we think of video content on the internet, we tend to think about entertainment. We think of Youtube personalities, Tiktok stars, and viral videos of all sorts. What may not come first to mind, but which is becoming an increasingly large and important genre of web video content is educational videos.

The internet is becoming a more and more integral part of education, and the web now serves as a repository for digital lectures, learning modules, documentaries, Wikipedia, and a variety of other invaluable resources. One of the most important duties for educational content creators is making this material accessible, and transcribing videos with Maestra is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make educational content available to students and individuals across the globe.


Being able to transcribe Youtube video content and other educational materials online has the most immediate benefit of providing better access to various kinds of viewers.

More than one in twenty people in the U.S. struggles with some form of hearing disability which makes it difficult or impossible to engage with audio content. Many of these individuals are students, and schools are often hard pressed to make educational material accessible to those with special needs, spending a great deal of time and resources producing specialized tools and environments. With transcribed videos, this content is more easily available and at a fraction of the cost. Educational web content has the ability, thus, to revolutionize education for all students with minimal effort on the part of busy teachers and school administrators.

Transcription provides accessibility not only for those with special needs, however. Because of the ubiquity of the web, students across the globe have the potential to make use of online educational materials. Unfortunately, language barriers mean widespread engagement with this content is not always possible. Transcription allows international viewers to easily copy and paste the dialogue from videos into online translator programs and follow along while watching.

As well, Maestra’s language library allows content creators to easily translate transcribed text into over fifty languages, eliminating the extra copy-paste step and making it ever easier for those across borders and overseas to learn and engage with educational video content.


Transcription also has the ability to make videos more easily viewable for those with shared tongues but without special hearing conditions.

In our daily lives, we frequently find ourselves in environments where it is difficult or impolite to engage with audio content. On public buses or trains, in malls, on busy streets, at home among loud siblings or animals, or in any other loud or distracting space it may be impossible to hear the audio from a lecture, documentary, or tutorial. With transcription, these viewers can easily follow along and gain this important information through reading.

The opposite situation can also arise. If you’re in a quiet classroom, a library, an Uber/Lyft, or a bedroom where others are sleeping, playing a video with audio may be disruptive, rude, or awkward. Here again, transcription allows these videos to be easily viewed without disturbing the peace.

As education moves online, people are now learning throughout the day and in many different places. Transcription removes the barriers to watchability in all these new spaces and allows everyone to learn, regardless of where they are. You may need additional help with your studies, click here to learn more about how you can have professional help with your essays or dissertations.


Lastly, transcribing videos can have a huge impact on the number of people who see a video. Video creators are always seeking more views for their material, whether to increase popularity or to monetize their content. Transcribing videos can greatly boost viewer and subscriber numbers by helping with SEO.

SEO, in a nutshell, is the process of tailoring your content so it comes up more frequently on search engine result pages. Web content is displayed according to its subject matter, and this is determined by automated “crawler” programs which figure out what a piece of web content is about and sorts it into an index. Crawler programs cannot decipher video material, and so making it appear on searches can be difficult. Adding a transcript to your videos enables them to be indexed, making it more likely that people will find them online. This means more engagement, more viewers, and more subscribers—bringing important educational material to a wider audience and helping content creators boost their brand.

Transcription With Maestra

Maestra allows content creators to easily transcribe their videos in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. First, visit Maestra’s website and select the transcriber tool. There, you’ll be prompted to upload the video you want to transcribe (in any file format). Maestra’s industry-leading speech recognition tool will then generate a full transcript of your video in any of the fifty languages in its library. Just like that, you’ve got a full video transcript to export however you like. Fast and intuitive, Maestra’s transcription tool can revolutionize video for both content creators and the viewers they cater to.

That’s not all, either. Maestra’s full software suite covers a variety of other applications, from captioning to voiceover to virtual collaboration. To experience the full spectrum of Maestra’s capabilities, visit our website and sign up for a free trial of our entire suite.

Berkay Atatop
Jan 10, 2022

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