5 Ways to Save Time on Video Content Creation

Rashida Beal
Aug 16, 2023
5 Ways to Save Time on Video Content Creation
5 Ways to Save Time on Video Content Creation

Engaging an audience is incredibly important for content creators and your marketing strategy. But creating engaging, effective video content is not as easy as talking in front of a wall anymore. High-quality video content can be incredibly time-consuming to create, but posting consistently is what every algorithm wants.

Here are 5 time saving tips for creating your video content so that you can make good videos faster and keep your audience engaged.

Planning Your Video Content

Marketing Calendar

One of the best ways to save time on video content creation is content planning. It may feel as if it takes a lot of time to create a content calendar, but the good news is that it saves you a good amount of time in making content.  You can prepare for a month of social media content in one fell swoop, cutting down on weekly brainstorming in real-time.

In addition, it helps you to balance your social media presence over a month. Having a clear monthly marketing strategy can keep you from inadvertently having three pieces of content over the same topic in a row.

If you are producing content beyond video content, incorporate that into your social media marketing calendar as well. Balancing all of your content types, from videos to blog posts, will keep your overall brand feeling fresh and varied. It also helps if you plan a scheduled time to share content on your platforms.

At the start of each new month, sit down and decide how many posts you want to make per week. Once you know the number of posts you want, start thinking of ideas. This will depend on your brand, product, or service, but make sure to take into account any upcoming events in the month ahead. If you’re reaching a milestone video or appearing at an in-person event, incorporate that into one of your month’s posts to keep your audience informed.

You don’t have to completely outline every single video in this brainstorming session, but having a sentence or two about each video’s topic and purpose will drastically speed up the creation process.

Choosing Sounds

On a video content platform like TikTok, the sound is everything. Video content is a part of all of the major social media platforms, but part of what sets TikTok apart is the ability to reuse trending sounds. Instead of making videos with all original sound, you can choose to pick a popular audio track that’s currently trending - often a silly song or conversation - and record your video to play under that audio.

Trending sounds are useful because TikTok’s “Discover” page hosts trending content and tags. The same holds true on platforms like Instagram Reels. Being able to follow along with trends helps your videos to be seen by more new people and widen your audience. Pay attention to the “Discover” page to see how other accounts use trending sounds. Favorite those videos and sounds to streamline your video creation!

Trending sounds don’t work for every type of video content, especially long-form content. If you’re making a YouTube video or content that’s not for social media, then you’ll use original audio. However, background music and sound effects can still enhance your video. Create an organized library of songs and sound effects so you can easily add them to your video content.

Creating Your Video Content

Edit Your Video Content

Now you’ve planned out your video content. What comes next? Video editing.

Video editing is a critical step for any content creators who want to create videos for their target audience. Even if you’ve recorded a good take, you’ll need to edit your video for any transitions, special effects, or cuts that you want to make.

You can use the basic video editor already present in your social media, like TikTok’s video editor, but those options are limited and can come with a watermark attached. Save time in the long run by choosing to learn a video editing program now, rather than struggling with the limitations of a basic video editor until you decide to upgrade.

Some of the best free TikTok video editing apps out there are CapCut, Zoomerang, and Quik. While some of them have in-app purchases and a limited suite of video editing options, all three are a good place to start polishing up your videos.

After all, if you want to create compelling content, it should appeal intellectually, emotionally, and visually. When your audience watches your video, they get value. Clean and stylish video editing can help with the last part—the rest is up to you!

Automatic Video Subtitles

One final touch every good video needs are subtitles. Even though social media platforms like TikTok can rely heavily on sound, you shouldn’t limit your videos to sound alone. Perhaps your newest audience member is hard of hearing, or their headphones died so they’re watching your video with the sound off.

A good set of subtitles will help you get that audience demographic’s attention.

Maestra generates subtitles for your content automatically: it’s as simple as uploading your video and waiting a few minutes! With Maestra, you can easily proofread the subtitles in the advanced subtitle editor, and export them in over six file formats.

Generating great video content ideas for businesses and brands is a challenge that can be fixed by the usage of trending sounds and a comprehensive plan. However, those great ideas mean nothing if your video looks too messy to trust

Using a default subtitle generator provided by a social media platform can end in inaccurate and messy-looking subtitles. Grammatically and punctually correct subtitles elevate your video content to professional and reliable in the eyes of your audience, so make sure you’re making the right impression with quality subtitles!

Optimize For Each Social Media Platform

Your content creation journey doesn’t end with the completed video: you have to market it to make sure it reaches your audience! This is where platform optimization comes in. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram all have various video ratios, which means that you can’t post one platform’s video onto another platform without it looking squished or cut off.

Does that mean you need to make three times as much video content to appear across all of your platforms? It does not; it just means that you need to get your hands on a video resizing tool to get the most social media mileage out of each video you create. Video resizing tools are usually pretty simple to operate: upload the video, choose your ratio dimensions, and download the video in the new size.

Your social media marketing calendar will look far more streamlined if you create consistent video posts across all of your platforms, instead of spending extra time shooting personalized videos for each platform.

Expand Your Video’s Reach with Maestra

If you want to keep marketing your social media content to a wider audience, reach out to Maestra! Not only does Maestra provide you with quality video subtitles, but it can also translate your videos into over 80 languages.

With Maestra, you can quickly expand your potential audience by leaps and bounds. It can take weeks for a professional translator to translate a video, but Maestra's video translator is finished in minutes. Keep your translation just as time-efficient as your video creation, and you’ve got a recipe for video success!

Rashida Beal
Aug 16, 2023

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