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Automatically add audio dubbing to audio files within minutes. Globalize your content through AI-generated neural voices.

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Easy voice user interface to create own audio files with text to speech.

1 Upload Audio Track

Maestra offers multiple ways of uploading audio or video files. Users can upload directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, use a Youtube link or drag a file from their directory. In addition, you can add videos from your Youtube channel to make a dubbed version of your content.

Create audio with speech to text that has human sounding voices.

2 Automatic Audio Dubbing

AI-generated neural voices will replace the original audio and Maestra users can select from a diverse portfolio of voices to create the voice over that best matches their goals. Every change is done through our advanced voiceover editor and in the same interface.

Create audio with speech to text that has human sounding voices.

3 Edit and Export

Having multiple voice options to choose from is a great way to edit the voice over. You can also change the volume of the original audio and the dubbed audio to find the perfect ratio. Then, export the file as an MP3 or any other format that exists in Maestra.

What is Audio Dubbing?

Audio dubbing can be defined as replacing the original dialogue with the speech of voice actors or AI-generated neural voices, which is the case in Maestra. Some call it ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and the automated aspect of audio dubbing is where most of the appeal comes from.

Why Should You Dub Audio Tracks?

First of all, audio dubbing with Maestra is fast and easy even for anyone who hasn't worked with similar software before. Every tool the user needs is located in the same interface from voice options to the text editor.

Less Equipment, More Time

Traditionally, audio dubbing is done by working in a studio where professional voice actors act in the recording booth. They work long hours to perfect the voice acting then put it on the video footage to sync the speech of the voice actor with the original voice.

Maestra's voice over generator does all of this work automatically in a few minutes. All the user needs to do is choose from the voice portfolio and edit the text to polish the file and achieve great results within a fraction of the time it takes by a professional studio.

Translating Voice Overs

One incredible option when using Maestra's audio dubbing tool is the ability to translate the voice over into more than 70 languages. Each language has a diverse portfolio of voice options to choose from and it takes only a few minutes for the translation to complete.

With subtitles, breaking the language barrier was easier compared to voiceover work. Now, with automatic audio dubbers like Maestra, it is easier than ever to take that next step and add translated voice overs next to subtitles to reach the content's potential.

Simple to Use

The software can be tricky to use for inexperienced users. Maestra's audio dubbing tool is designed to be as simple as possible so that anyone, even someone who is a first user can get the hang of everything in a matter of minutes.

Every tool you need for editing and then exporting exists in the same interface, allowing the user to easily navigate through Maestra's tools and complete their projects in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

Text Editor

Easily Edit Your Text

With Maestra’s text editor you can easily make changes to the text, and automatically translate the text to 80+ foreign languages at no additional cost.

  • Export as MP4 video with custom text styling!
  • Export your text as a Word File, PDF or TXT
  • Audio Transcript Synchronization
  • Automatically Generated Timestamps
  • Detect different speakers
Convert audio recordings to text by using Maestra through your computer.
Translate audio dubs and preview it to your viewers with our embed player.
Embed Player

Use Maestra’s embeddable player on your website to share audio files after you create captions, without having to download.

Click the icon to view automatically generated subtitles.

Easily dub film and music videos and widen your audience.

Maestra Teams

Create Team-based channels with view and edit level permissions for your entire team & company. Collaborate and edit shared files with your colleagues in real-time. Translate voices with Maestra's online voice translator.

Generate and translate audio dubs to reach your target audience.

Collaborate and edit the audio file

Maestra's audio translator allows you to edit and share the translated text in a collaborative environment.


The process is completely automated. Your audio and media files are encrypted at rest and in transit and cannot be accessed by anyone else unless you authorize. Once you delete a file, all data including the media files and the text will be instantly deleted. Check our security page for more!

Multi-Channel Uploading

Translate audio files after uploading from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, or alternatively by pasting a YouTube or public media link.

Customer Reviews

What people are saying about Maestra

4.7 out of 5 stars
"The All In One "over the top" turnkey solution for Automatic Transcripts, Subtitles and Voiceovers"

What comes to mind as Maestra being the go-to solution for our company is that it's such a time and money saver.

"Perfect for anything transcript needs"

The best thing about Maestra is how well it creates transcripts. It's so useful for me. It makes my day a lot easier.

"If you are looking for a good program that will help you create subtitles, transcribe, add a voice-over or translate your text into other languages, then Maestra speech translator is what you need."

"Master the Media with Maestra"

The best side of this product is auto subtitling. And most importantly, it supports multiple languages.

"Pocket Friendly Content Creator"

It is cloud-based. It allows to automatically transcribe, caption, and voiceover video and audio files to hundreds of languages. It helps to reach and educate people all around the globe.