Generative AI vs Conversational AI: What You Need to Know

Rashida Beal
Oct 9, 2023
Generative AI vs Conversational AI: What You Need to Know
Generative AI vs Conversational AI: What You Need to Know

Generative AI vs Conversational AI: What You Need to Know

The AI revolution is upon us!

AI (artificial intelligence) focuses on utilizing machine learning to execute tasks that have traditionally depended on human intelligence. Content creators leverage AI technology to generate high-quality material for their audiences. Anyone can now use an AI platform to create a blog post in seconds. Forward-thinking creators are making videos with AI. You can use an AI tool to create and edit videos right now.

Where do you start?

The AI landscape is vast. Do you use generative AI? Do you use conversational AI? You need answers before you sign up for a free trial or paid plan.

Find your way through the maze with this article. It’s time to learn the difference between generative and conversational AI as well as how you can produce memorable video content today.

What is Generative AI?

You can effortlessly create fresh content by using different types of inputs with generative AI. These inputs can be things like text, images, sounds, animation, 3D models, or other forms of data. Generative AI models take these inputs and produce unique outputs, giving you a wide range of creative possibilities. It's a user-friendly way to create engaging content without needing any technical expertise.

Use Cases for Generative AI


Creators who are full of ideas might struggle with visualizing their dreams. Using generative AI tools to storyboard shots and communicate concepts fertilizes creative seeds, empowering them to sprout and grow.

Visual effects and set design

With the help of generative AI, video creators can easily create lifelike visual effects without the need for complicated technical tasks. This means they can add breathtaking visual elements to their videos effortlessly. Generative AI also aids in the creation of virtual sets by creating digital and cost-effective backgrounds and environments.

Automated video editing

AI editing tools simplify editing and save time for video creators. Automated video editors analyze video footage, identify important moments, and automatically create edited sequences.

Personalized video recommendations

Generative AI works by examining what users like and have watched before to create customized video recommendations. This helps content creators provide personalized suggestions, which in turn increases viewer engagement and keeps them coming back for more.

Video captioning and transcription

Generative AI works its magic by automatically creating captions and transcriptions for videos. This wonderful feature makes videos accessible to a wider audience, promoting inclusivity and enabling individuals with hearing impairments or those who prefer reading to engage with video content. It's like having subtitles for your favorite movies, ensuring everyone can enjoy and understand the content, regardless of their hearing abilities or reading preferences.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI mimics human conversation. This technology analyzes the meaning behind text and speech, allowing AI to generate responses that are fitting for the conversation.

Use Cases for Conversational AI

Interactive video presentations

Viewers can engage in real-time conversations with virtual characters, making the whole experience more immersive and captivating. For example, your viewers could have a friendly conversation with the characters in a video. This approach boosts audience participation and keeps viewers fully engaged throughout the presentation.

Voice-activated video search

Users can say what they are looking for and AI technology will find relevant videos for them. This hands-free interaction makes video searching easier and more accessible, particularly for those who find it challenging to use traditional text-based search methods.

How Are Conversational AI and Generative AI Different?

Conversational AI is all about having human-like conversations and giving responses that understand the context. Generative AI involves creating content and generating new and unique outputs. Together, they bring new possibilities and exciting experiences to creative pursuits.

Improve Video Content Creation with Maestra’s Generative AI Tool for Automatic Transcription

AI video creation has made it easy to create high-quality videos. Maestra’s Generative AI Tool for Automatic Transcription takes the power of AI even further.

Transcribe audio file to text

Say goodbye to manual transcription and save time and money with Maestra's Automatic Audio to Text Converter. Easily convert audio files to text in a matter of seconds. Experience the convenience of our user-friendly platform where you can make any adjustments using the text editor. You probably won’t even need to use the text edit. We’re proud of our platform’s high accuracy rate.

Generate subtitles online

Need subtitles instead of a transcription? Look no further than Maestra's Auto Subtitle Generator. It’s as simple as uploading your video. You can generate subtitles in over 80 languages. This powerful tool opens up new opportunities to connect with a broader audience.

Instantly voiceover your videos to 80+ languages

Add professional voiceovers to your videos, regardless of the language, thanks to our AI-generated voices. With over 80 languages and a diverse range of AI speakers to choose from, customize your voiceover with just a few simple clicks.

Benefits of AI-Powered Video Transcription

Do you want to do more with your training videos? Are your explainer videos not getting the love you think they should? Team up with Maestra and optimize your videos’ potential.

Videos aren’t going anywhere. Neither is AI. Now is the time to embrace both and unify them to better connect with audiences around the world. Our AI tools aim to:

Increase accuracy

Many creators prefer AI-based transcription tools over human transcription due to their improved accuracy. Maestra stands out by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to eliminate the errors and limitations of human transcription.

Increase access

Don't limit your videos to just one language when sharing them, especially online. By translating subtitles or transcripts into different languages, you can reach a much larger audience worldwide. With Maestra, adding subtitles in another language to your audio or video files is a breeze.

Decrease turnaround time

Manual transcription is a time-consuming task, posing a significant challenge for busy creators with tons of videos to transcribe. Avoid the wait with Maestra. Our automatic transcription service reduces the process to just a few minutes.

Contact us now to get started!

Rashida Beal
Oct 9, 2023

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