7 Ways to Use Generative AI to Boost Creativity

Rashida Beal
Aug 18, 2023
7 Ways to Use Generative AI to Boost Creativity
7 Ways to Use Generative AI to Boost Creativity

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the world!

Generative AI technologies create text, images, or other media when given prompts. Generative AI models constantly evolve, clearing the path to new frontiers in many industries. From problem-solving to realizing new ideas, AI revolutionizes how we work.

Despite its detractors, AI has ignited the creative process, becoming a wide-spread technology in every industry. Generative AI tools like OpenAI’s GPT-3 help content kings generate content more accessible and faster than ever before.

How can you use such a powerful tool to create content? Are you ready to produce the creative work that sets your career’s trajectory?

Read on to discover 7 ways to use generative AI to boost creativity.

1. Make Art

Use generative AI to create inspiring artwork. Many artists train AI models on their existing artwork or specific styles to produce generated images. Some artists prompt AI to help them explore different techniques. You can use AI image generators to give spark your creativity, turning what they gave into your unique art masterpiece. Put away your sketch pad and jump online to make the next Mona Lisa!

An AI artist at work

Sarah, a painter, trains an AI model on a diverse collection of paintings. She uses these examples to produce color palettes and brushstroke styles she will use in her own pieces. Technology and her creativity join forces to expand her portfolio with stunning paintings.

2. Compose Music

Musicians get writer’s block just like authors. Frustrated composers using AI can break these blocks in minutes. AI-generated melodies, harmonies, or rhythms are inspirations you can use to push the boundaries of any music genre.

An AI composer at work

Alex wants to create memorable music. He inserts parameters like mood, tempo, and instrumentation into an AI tool to make possible musical sequences. These inspire him to compose songs that sound original, yet familiar. Excited by his prospects, he frequently turns to AI to amplify his musical artistry.

3. Write Stories

Speaking of writer’s block, generative AI is best used to suggest ideas and proofread sloppy text. One of the most well-known uses of AI is AI writing tools. They can help with sentiment analysis and language models help form tone-appropriate text content. If you have existing data and a large language model, then you could craft a story, blog article, video script, or any other written work for any audience.

You could also use AI to co-write a story with you by sharing a text prompt or using it for text analysis.. However, keep in mind that human creativity should ultimately guide AI. AI-generated content hasn’t reached the point where it can write a bestselling novel . . . yet.

An AI writer at work

Emma has to write an article that’s due tomorrow. She has a general topic for the SEO content she’s writing, but struggles to find a specific niche and get her outline started. She partners with AI, which gives her several ideas. Then uses it to gather specific points for an outline, saving her brain energy for the more creative parts of writing. She can then begin her article from a great starting point.

4. Develop Games

Game development combines art, music, and storytelling in an interactive format. However, the field relies heavily on technical components. Although AI helps with coding, it excels in creating visual and audio assets so you can focus on putting everything together.

An AI game developer at work

Jessica incorporates a generative AI tool into her game's dialogue system, allowing players to have realistic and dynamic conversations with non-player characters. Players can interact with the characters as if they were humans. Jessica delivers an immersive experience like none other.

5. Design Products

Inventors, fashion gurus, interior designers, architects, and anyone else who wants to bring their vision to life are beginning to rely on AI. Generative AI offers new ideas and variations to jump-start innovations.

An AI designer at work

Imagine that Mike is a furniture designer. He uses generative AI to create functional and aesthetically-pleasing pieces. One prototype doesn’t turn out well so Mike uses AI to refine the design, resulting in a polished piece.

6. Transcribe and Translate

Video creators need more than a fancy camera to be successful. AI transcription and translation tools convert spoken words into written text, making it easier for content creators to review, analyze, and extract key information. Creators who refer to these transcriptions could edit their videos better and faster.

An AI video creator at work

Cooper, a documentary filmmaker, uses Maestra to transcribe his videos. He uploads his interview videos. The AI produces accurate transcripts, saving Cooper time and effort so he can focus on the creative aspects of his work. Maestra also translates the video, eliminating language barriers and opening new creative possibilities.

7. Advertise

Marketers use AI to reach their ideal audiences with personalized content. They no longer have to struggle with figuring out what content resonates the best. Engagements and sales conversions can explode with effective messaging. All you need is a large dataset compiled from your audience and you can reach the right people with the right content.

An AI marketer at work

David examines his audience analytics and enters the data into a generative AI tool to generate ideas. David also uses the tool to create targeted social media ads that engage individuals who are most likely to purchase the advertised product.

Let Maestra Help with Content Creation

Generative AI is helping an army of creators take their projects to new heights. Are you already using AI to seek new ideas and push past what’s possible? Now is the time to take advantage of the technology. Improve your creative process today.

Maestra leads the way for cutting-edge creators from translating videos to transcribing podcasts. Leverage our software solution to:

Streamline your workflow, save valuable time, and elevate your content creation process. Experience the power of Maestra today!  

Rashida Beal
Aug 18, 2023

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