10 AI Video Generators for Beginners (with Best Practices)

  • 2024-02-29
  • Serra Ardem
10 AI Video Generators for Beginners (with Best Practices)

The rise of AI video generators is inevitable now. As we write this blog in February 2024, OpenAI recently introduced Sora (not available to public use yet), a text-to-video AI model that can generate realistic videos up to a minute long. Meanwhile, the Google Research team aims to push the boundaries of AI video creation with its ongoing project Lumiere

Consider entering this growing realm? Our blog can act as your guide. We’ve listed 10 AI video generators for beginners with a particular focus on text-to-video tools. We also shared the best practices for AI video making so you can make most of these tools while using them responsibly.

Let’s dig in.

What is an AI video generator?

An AI video generator is a software tool that leverages artificial intelligence technology to create video content from an input. The user provides a text or image, and the AI generates corresponding visuals, select appropriate music and add voiceovers.

An illustration depicting neural networks.

AI video generators use advanced machine learning techniques to understand and analyze visual and auditory elements. The AI model is trained on vast amounts of data so it can learn patterns, styles and even contextual nuances. Once trained, an AI video maker can generate highly realistic and tailored videos based on input.

Pros and Cons of AI Video Generators

While AI video generators offer numerous advantages, they also come with certain drawbacks. These tools can significantly speed up the video creation process and make the practice accessible to those who lack advanced editing skills. They also automate repetitive and tedious tasks, allowing more time for creativity.

Yet AI-generated videos may lack the human touch, which is essential for building a genuine connection with an audience. They can be misused to create misleading and deceptive content with deepfake technology, a major ethical issue. Therefore, it is crucial to strike a balance between harnessing the power of AI video generators and addressing societal concerns.

What’s the best AI video generator?

There’s no single best AI video generator as this depends on three main factors: the content type you wish to produce, your level of expertise and your budget.

AI video generators excel in different areas. Some specialize in explainer videos while others in social media content. The best tool must align with your content needs. You should also consider your level of expertise and choose a simpler tool if you have no technical background. Finally, you must take your budget into account and decide how much you can invest.

4 AI robots answering questions in front of 4 laptops.

Still, whatever your needs are, keep in mind that best AI video generators share certain qualities that make them loved by many. These are:

  • User-friendliness: Is the tool’s interface easy to navigate? This will save a lot of time and reduce the learning curve, especially for those without prior experience.
  • Speed: How quickly can the generator process your input and create a video draft? This is particularly essential for users working with tight deadlines.
  • Compatibility: Is the AI video generator compatible with the software, devices and platforms you commonly use? A versatile tool must easily work with your existing resources and improve the overall quality.
  • Quality of output: Are these AI-generated videos realistic and visually appealing? The tool must deliver high-quality results with accurate scene transitions, realistic animations and clear visuals.
  • Customization: What level of control do you have over the visuals, sound and transitions? Look for a tool that allows you to tailor the output and maintain creative control.
  • Pricing: Does the tool offer flexible pricing plans? It’s important to find a balance between features and affordability.

10 Best AI Video Generators for Beginners

Now we’ve covered the key qualities to look for in an AI video generator, let’s move to our list curated for those who are entering the realm of AI video creation. In this list, we particularly focus on text-to-video AI generators and how beginners can adopt them for content creation.

1. Fliki

Fliki can transform a script into a dynamic video and add lifelike AI voices in minutes.

You can start by entering your text into the script box and then personalize an AI voice. Afterwards, you can select the perfect media among the tool’s assets library or let AI do its job. Finally you can review and refine your video to perfection, and proudly share it with the world.

Standout feature: Magic Create, which can turn a blog post, Tweet or even an Amazon product listing into a video

Free plan offers 5 minutes of credits per month. See more on pricing.

2. Visla

Visla can bring your written content to life by converting a short story, article or song lyrics into a video.

Just input your script and describe the video you want to create. You can set the video pace with descriptions like fast (quick cuts), medium or slow. Then you can record your own voice in-app or select an AI voice, and customize the video with the footage of your choice.

Standout feature: Rewrite with AI, which generates an enhanced script based on your text

Free plan offers 50 minutes/month video publish time. See more on pricing.

The web page of Visla's text-to-video tool, one of the AI video generators in the market.

3. Colossyan

As one of the most popular AI video generators for workplace learning, Colossyan creates professional-looking, studio-quality videos from text.

The tool can be especially utilized for company or product onboarding videos. Need to change your AI-generated video? All you have to do is edit the text, and Colossyan will optimize and update the video to generate a new one.

Standout feature: Brand Kit, which allows you to save your brand styles for consistency

Free trial version with 5 total video minutes. See more on pricing.

4. Elai.io

Chosen by major companies in the world, Elai.io lets you generate hassle-free learning and development content such as training, sales and knowledge base videos.

The tool offers a wide variety of customizable digital presenters and 450+ voices. It can also clone your voice in 28 different languages. Simply record your voice: 1-5 minutes of a voice recording with no extra noise will be OK. Elai.io will clone your voice and add it to your builder in 3 business days.

Standout feature: 4 types of AI avatars (selfie, studio, photo, animated mascot) that can be uniquely personalized

Free plan offers 1 minute free credit. See more on pricing.

5. HeyGen

A tool highly preferred by marketing professionals, HeyGen can even transform an email into an attention-grabbing video in a few simple steps.

Choose one of the 200+ video templates as a starting point. Then, select the AI avatar that comes with various ethnicities, ages and poses. Finally, enter your script and HeyGen will convert text-to-speech, lip syncing it with your avatar.

Standout feature: TalkingPhoto, which can turn your still image into a moving, talking one

Free plan offers 1 free credit. See more on pricing.

6. DeepBrain AI

Known as one of the best AI video generators for beginners, DeepBrain AI defines itself as “a platform designed for no-stress video creation.”

The cool thing about this tool is that it can transform a PDF or URL into a video. You can copy and paste your PDF text or URL into the text editor, choose an AI presenter, refine the PDF script if needed and generate your video. Simple as that.

Standout feature: in-editor ChatGPT integration, which can brainstorm video ideas, create scripts, check grammar and so on

Starter plan, $24/month annually, offers 10 minutes/month. See more on pricing.

The homepage of DeepBrain AI, one of the best AI video generators in the market.

7. FlexClip

FlexClip is one of those simple yet powerful AI video generators that does not require a learning curve.

First, you can use the tool’s AI Script Generator to specify the theme or topic of your script and decide the duration of your video; short, medium or long. You will then be directed to the AI Video Editor where you can customize the script according to your preferences. FlexClip provides a vast variety of preset styles, text animations and royalty-free stock assets.

Standout feature: two generation modes; AI can summarize or excerpt original content to create a video

Free plan allows you to use the text-to-video AI generator 5 times per month. See more on pricing.

8. Runway Gen-2

Runway Gen-2 is one of the most well-known AI video generators that can let your creativity shine.

The tool allows you to upload an image reference along with your text prompt to influence your generations. You can also upscale your video by automatically enhancing its resolution. Need to overcome that creative block? Check Gen-2’s inspiration feed below the prompt box to get new ideas and remix existing prompts.

Standout feature: rate your generation to help the Runway team improve Gen-2

Free plan offers 125 credits. See more on pricing.

9. Pictory

Content marketers love Pictory, and for several good reasons.

Enter your blog post’s URL and Pictory’s AI engine will automatically select the best summary sentences, images and clips for your video. It will also choose background music and offer a set of natural-sounding voiceovers. You can narrate the video using your own voice too.

Standout feature: automatic captioning for videos, which can boost SEO performance and maximize your reach

Free trial allows you to create 3 video projects, each up to 10 minutes long. See more on pricing.

The homepage of Pictory, one of the AI video generators for content marketers.

10. Canva

Yes, you can use Canva to generate videos from text while benefiting from the platform’s vast media library.

With Canva’s Magic Media, it is possible to visualize a product or transform your photo or selfie into an AI-powered talking head. The tool lets you automatically remove the background of any video with one click. Enjoy playing around with its different stickers, graphics, fonts and color schemes to set the mood of your video.

Standout feature: Canva Pro bundle, which involves a massive content library and powerful design tools like Magic Resize

Canva’s Magic Media text-to-video AI generator offers 5 free lifetime uses. See more on pricing.

Supportive Tools for AI Video Editing

Besides these text-to-video AI generators, there are also two supportive tools you can use to streamline your video editing process.


It’s no surprise that Lumen5 is called the “PowerPoint of video making” thanks to the tool’s user-friendly interface.

Feeling stuck? Lumen’s AI Script Composer is ready to help you. You can just provide an outline and Lumen will generate multiple video scripts. Now you can pick your favorite, customize its length and tone, and make a high-quality video in minutes.

Standout feature: Talking Head video creator, which can be enhanced with a lower-third, callout or cutaway
Free (community) plan offers up to five videos a month. See more on pricing.

The web page of Lumen5, an AI video maker that makes videos just like presentations.


Descript is an all-in-one AI tool where you can write, record, storyboard, edit and collaborate in a single place.

Start writing your script in the AI-powered editor or record your voice to transcribe audio. The tool can shorten gaps and remove filler words if you wish. Next you can use the properties panel on the right to add animations, make visual or audio edits and apply AI effects.

Standout feature: Studio Sound, which removes background noise, room echo and other undesirable sounds

Free plan offers one watermark-free video per month. See more on pricing.

Best Practices for Generating Videos with AI

Adopting AI video generators requires careful planning, consideration, and an ethical mindset. It’s essential to embrace AI without compromising on human creativity. Here are 7 best practices to leverage AI in the best way.

  • Don’t lose the human touch. AI should be viewed as a tool to amplify creativity, not replace it. Guide the tools to enrich your unique ideas and add personal touches to make your video distinctive.
  • Craft well-written prompts. The outcome of your video heavily depends on the quality of your input as AI video generators rely on them to understand what you want. Write specific prompts that articulate your desired content, style and tone.
  • Maintain brand consistency. Whether your videos are for marketing, education or entertainment, this practice will foster brand recognition and trust. Choose an AI video generator that provides customization elements that can reflect your brand’s personality.
  • Add subtitles to prioritize accessibility. Many AI video generators offer subtitles in various languages but remember; accuracy is paramount. You can get support from Maestra’s AI subtitle generator which has a very high accuracy rate. The tool can add auto subtitles to your video in 125+ languages and maximize your reach while staying true to your content.
  • Review your video carefully. Creators must meticulously check the content for accuracy, coherence and alignment with the intended message. Don’t forget to fine-tune elements where needed and consider getting feedback from others before hitting that publish button.
  • Use AI responsibly. Stay away from deepfakes or video manipulations that deliberately distort reality or misrepresent people. Be transparent about the use of AI in your video generation and address ethical concerns if they arise.
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment. The landscape of AI is dynamic, and continuous learning is essential to keep up. Be open to exploring new AI software and their creative applications as they emerge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free AI video generator?

Synthesia, Invideo and Kapwing are some of the AI video generators that offer free versions with limited features. Remember; trial versions can include watermarks, limit the length of generated videos or reduce access to customization options. We recommend you experiment with different tools before sticking to one.

Is AI content copyright free?

This is a complex matter but one thing is certain: The rules of the specific AI tool you’re using is crucial. Be cautious and don’t assume that AI-generated content is automatically copyright-free. Always make sure you understand the terms of service of the AI tools you use.

Can AI generate a video from a photo?

It is possible to transform photos into a video with AI technology. AI can analyze your photo, predict how elements within the photo can move and create a short video with motions by manipulating the image. It can also generate a 3D model from your photo and generate short videos by moving the camera around the object.

Can AI create animation videos?

Absolutely! Animaker is just one AI animation video generator that serves course creators, HR teams, marketing professionals and more. For example, you can build an AI avatar for your brand, choose from various video templates and let AI work its magic.

Does ChatGPT make videos?

No, ChatGPT does not directly make videos. Yet OpenAI, the research company behind ChatGPT, recently announced Sora: a text-to-video AI model that can generate videos up to a minute long. As of February 2024, Sora is in its early development stages and is not widely available to everyone.


In this blog, we’ve shared 10 AI video generators for beginners who want to discover the possibilities of AI video creation. We also listed the pros and cons of these tools, and highlighted the best practices to adopt when embracing them.

AI video generators have the power to fasten up content creation, improve accessibility and reduce video production costs if they’re used ethically and wisely. The field of generative AI is evolving rapidly and the potential for positive impact is immense. A collaborative approach between human creativity and AI capabilities can lead to a more inclusive, innovative and productive future.

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