5 Best Subtitle Fonts for Different Uses

Can Goren
Oct 27, 2023
5 Best Subtitle Fonts for Different Uses
5 Best Subtitle Fonts for Different Uses

Open Sans

Indie Flower




And honorable mentions...

1) Open Sans

The best font when it comes to diverse use.

Let's start with a subtitle font that can be used anywhere in any setting, "Open Sans".

With rounder edges and a clear look, the "Open Sans" subtitle font is our choice for the best subtitle font you can use if you aren't going in a specific direction.

For movies, series, cartoons, educational, or even business-related videos, Open Sans can be the go-to subtitle font for a variety of video content.

If you aren't looking for a different-looking subtitle font and can take advantage of a diverse font like Open Sans that can be used as the default font for any kind of video content, this one can be an ideal choice.

2) Indie Flower

A quirky yet simple font for captions and subtitles.

Let's take a look at a different-looking subtitle font that can be used for niche purposes.

As you can see, the Indie Flower font has a quirky look that resembles imperfect handwriting. Hence, it can be used for video content that is made for younger audiences.

For cartoons, educational content for children, or for individual use, the Indie Flower is a unique font style that can be used to portray a different look of video subtitles for different purposes.

Even though Indie Flower is not a standard font, it can be perfect for subtitlers who are looking to go a different direction than the default fonts we see every day in every content.

3) Roboto

One of the best fonts for subtitles is the Roboto.

For clarity purposes, we feel that "Roboto" is the best font out there for subtitle users, and is the default subtitle format for YouTube videos. With sharp edges and a wider look, comprehensibility is maximized for the audience.

If you are looking to improve the accessibility of your subtitles, Roboto can be the ideal choice to further develop the readability of the subtitles of your videos.

The ideal situations we see Robot being optimal for are academic or professional presentations, business-related video content, or announcements.

Even with a square black background, Roboto fits in well thanks to its clean styling and has become a favorite among other subtitle font styles.

4) Tinos

A classic looking caption font best used in a medium font size.

Another clean edition amongst font styles is "Tinos".

Perhaps the best subtitle font when it comes to documentaries, thanks to its nostalgic look and clear readability. For informational content such as documentaries, finding a font that fits can be difficult. But Tinos is a choice for anyone who is looking for a subtitle font for documentaries or any historical content, including scientific presentations or formal invitations.

In addition, its sharp edges with extroverted lines are a classic look that provides a professional approach to any video.

5) Bangers

Can be used with a different font color or a font size.

Here is another comical subtitling font that perfectly fits certain entertainment videos. "Bangers" has a cartoonish styling that will improve the overall look of any video that is meant for entertainment purposes.

Whether it is a cartoon, a funny edit, a children's movie, or a funny movie for every age, Bangers has a place. It is not just a subtitle font that can fit entertaining videos, it will elevate its look.

For invitations or school videos, Bangers is one of our choices for best subtitle fonts for its unique look and styling.

How to Add These Subtitles to Any Video

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Honorable Mentions


One of the classic fonts for subtitling.

Widely used for its simplicity and clarity, Arial is suitable for almost any type of video content, from documentaries to news broadcasts.

Its neutral design and evenly spaced characters make it easy on the eyes, ensuring viewers can quickly read and comprehend the text.


Add subtitles in the Verdana format.

Developed specifically for computer screens, Verdana is ideal for online streaming platforms and web-based content.

Its wide characters and clear letterforms are designed to be legible even at small sizes, making it perfect for subtitles on smaller screens.


A classic looking approach to subtitling styles.

This elegant serif font is perfect for historical documentaries, biographies, or any content that has a more classic and refined touch.

The distinctive letterforms add a touch of sophistication, while still maintaining high readability.


Suitable for many types of videos, a smoother look.

A modern sans-serif font, Calibri is versatile and works well for corporate videos, presentations, and educational content.

It has a warm, soft appearance that feels less formal than Arial but remains clear and legible.

Comic Sans MS

One of the more popular but controversial tex fonts.

While often maligned in the design community, Comic Sans can be a good fit for children's content, animation, or light-hearted comedic videos.

Its informal and playful design resonates with younger audiences and adds a fun element to the content.

Enhances Content Appeal: Different fonts can evoke different emotions and atmospheres. By matching the subtitle font with the mood of the content, creators can enhance the overall appeal and engagement.

Improves Accessibility: Not all viewers perceive fonts in the same way. By offering a range of fonts, content creators can cater to a broader audience, ensuring everyone can comfortably read and understand the subtitles.

Avoids Monotony: Just as varied camera angles and soundtracks keep viewers engaged, switching up subtitle fonts can break the monotony and keep the content fresh.

Reflects Brand Identity: For content creators or companies with a specific brand identity, using a unique font can help reinforce that brand image in the viewer's mind.


While the mentioned fonts like Bangers, Tinos, Roboto, Indie Flower, and Open Sans have their merits, there's a world of subtitle fonts out there to be explored. By understanding the mood and requirements of the content, creators can choose the perfect font to enhance their video and ensure a great viewing experience.

You can automatically generate subtitles in the 5 subtitle fonts we have talked about in this article and more by using Maestra's AI subtitle generator.

Can Goren
Oct 27, 2023

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