How to Enable Twitch Text to Speech for Free

Can Goren
May 30, 2023
How to Enable Twitch Text to Speech for Free
How to Enable Twitch Text to Speech for Free

Free Twitch Text to Speech

Let's see how you can quickly setup text to speech on your Twitch account and not miss out on additional entertainment and donation opportunities!

How to Enable TTS on Your Twitch Account

1) Access StreamLabs

All in one streaming software with Twitch TTS.

StreamLabs is a free multi-purpose app for streamers and it includes a Twitch text to speech tool. You do not have to download the StreamLabs app to enable TTS for your Twitch account. Just log in to your Streamlabs account on your browser.

2) Click "Alert Box"

Alert box source also has text to speech settings.

On the left side is a list of settings and tools you can use in StreamLabs. Go ahead and click "Alert Box".

3) Continue to "Donations"

Change donation settings to allow a synthetic voice read them aloud.

In the "Alert Box" navigation bar, there is a "Donations" button. Click it and you are one step away from enabling Twitch text to speech.

4) Enable Twitch Text to Speech

Click "Enabled" to enable Twitch text to speech.

Now, click "Text to Speech" settings and enable it. Congratulations, now when those sweet donations arrive, the Twitch text to speech will read them aloud for you and your viewers!

Additional TTS Options

At first, TTS is great for streamers but as they get more viewers, spam donations can occur to disrupt your streaming. StreamLabs has additional options to prevent this from happening such as "Spam Security", "Spam Repetition Block" and "TTS Volume".

Benefits of Twitch Text to Speech

We have all seen Twitch clips where hilarious donations are read out loud through TTS. Well, without the vocal emphasis, those clips wouldn't be as funny, hence popular. Let's see how beneficial TTS can be, especially for Twitch streamers.

Accessibility for Sight-Impaired Viewers

Twitch is a visual platform where viewers watch the stream and read Twitch chat. One of the main purposes of TTS is to allow sight-impaired individuals to consume content.

Without audience engagement, streaming isn't the same. By allowing sight-impaired viewers to join the show, you increase the accessibility of your content and welcome additional viewers!


Twitch TTS alerts add additional emphasis on donation messages. The emotional spectrum of these messages can vary from incredibly emotional to downright hilarious.

Imagine Twitch donations without the TTS, it just wouldn't be the same.

In addition to accessibility, Twitch TTS grants entertainment value to your Twitch channel.


Attention spans vary from viewer to viewer, and not every viewer watches a stream non-stop. Sometimes the stream is a sideshow.

Twitch TTS allows every viewer to comprehend donations. Don't forget, sometimes people do typos or use abbreviations.

Twitch TTS even understands abbreviations and provides clarity to new viewers in your Twitch chat.

Engaging Twitch Chat

Regular Twitch viewers know that Twitch chat loves those reactionary moments. And more often than not, these reactions come from funny donations converted into text to speech.

Capitalize on these funny moments by giving Twitch channel point rewards to your viewers, additionally elevating the moment.

Donation Loops

These funny donation moments can create a chain reaction in your audience. When a donation gets a huge reaction through text to speech, other viewers will want to get some of that enthusiasm.

So, Twitch text to speech messages can not only be beneficial by themselves but they can be utilized to capitalize even more.

Give a channel point reward, clip a hilarious reaction, and encourage your viewers to participate in the chain reactions.

Leading AI Text to Speech

Use Maestra's leading TTS software to increase voiceover quality.

Maestra's online TTS converter provides state of the art voiceover technology to content creators who wish to further capitalize on text to speech.

A diverse portfolio of AI-generated neural voices is available to Maestra users who wish to create higher-quality TTS content.

Try Maestra's leading TTS software and show your difference to your Twitch chat by using higher quality voices and better accuracy.


What is the best TTS app for Twitch?

StreamLabs is a free TTS app for Twitch with a browser source. Or, you can download the StreamLabs desktop app to enable Twitch text to speech.

How do I turn on text to speech on Twitch bits?

You can turn on text to speech on Twitch bits through StreamLabs in the Alert Box settings section.

How do I use text to speech on stream?

Enable Twitch text to speech on stream by going to Alert Box, then donation settings and choosing "Enable" on text to speech settings.

Can Goren
May 30, 2023

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