How to Get the Transcript of a YouTube Video Instantly

Can Goren
Oct 20, 2023
How to Get the Transcript of a YouTube Video Instantly
How to Get the Transcript of a YouTube Video Instantly

Having the transcript of videos increases accessibility, as well as the overall comprehensibility of the video. Without further interruption, let's see how you can instantly get the transcript of a YouTube video.

1) YouTube Transcript Generator

Instantly get the transcript of a YouTube video through Maestra's.

Access Maestra's Youtube Transcript Generator, an AI transcription tool that has unmatched accuracy and speech, paste the link of the Youtube video, and receive the Youtube video transcript within seconds.

Alternatively, you can link your Maestra and YouTube accounts to have an easier job subtitling and transcribing YouTube videos and uploading them. Users can even change the subtitles on their YouTube videos directly from Maestra's online app.

2) Show Transcript on Youtube

The second method of how to get the transcript of a YouTube video is by using YouTube's "Show transcript" feature.

View the Youtube video transcript through YouTube's own feature.

Click on the 3 dots at the bottom of any YouTube video. Then, choose "Show transcript" on the pop-up.

View the transcript by clicking "Show transcript" in the video description.

Secondly, click "Show transcript" on the description side of the YouTube video.

Access the YouTube video transcript at the right side of the video.

Finally, the transcript will be available on the right side of the YouTube video, with timestamps included. You can also toggle off the timestamps if you wish, by clicking the 3 dots on the top of the transcript, and clicking "Toggle timestamps".

Why Prefer AI Transcription?

The modern digital era calls for robust transcription services, a need echoed by content creators, educators, and the general public.

Transcription tools transform audio-visual content into text, which can be repurposed or used to enhance accessibility.

While YouTube offers a "show transcript" feature, the emergence of AI transcription tools presents a more efficient avenue to obtain YouTube transcripts.

Efficient Use of Your Time

Transcribing a YouTube video manually is a laborious task, often devouring hours to transcribe a few minutes of audio.

Conversely, an AI transcription tool can process and transcribe a YouTube video in just a matter of minutes, liberating valuable time for other imperative endeavors. This swift turnaround is a significant advantage over relying on the manual method or the YouTube transcript feature.

Super Accurate

The evolution of AI transcription tools has brought about remarkable accuracy, thanks to sophisticated algorithms and machine learning.

Unlike the YouTube "show transcript" feature which may often overlook nuances or misinterpret words, specialized AI transcription tools, honed with diverse datasets, exhibit a better grasp of different accents, dialects, and speech patterns. This results in more accurate YouTube video transcripts.

Customization and Editing

A standout feature of AI transcription tools is their user-friendly interfaces that offer an avenue for easy editing and customization of the transcript.

Users can rectify errors, modify timestamps, or stylize the text to their preference. This level of customization is generally lacking in the YouTube transcript feature, which furnishes a basic, often uneditable transcript.

Superior Handling of Technical Terminology

Both manual transcription and YouTube’s automatic transcription may stumble when confronted with technical or industry-specific terminology.

In contrast, AI transcription tools often possess the capability to be trained or customized to comprehend and accurately transcribe technical terms, making them a preferred choice for receiving YouTube transcripts in professional or academic settings.

Multilingual Support

Given the global expanse of YouTube, videos are both created and consumed in a multitude of languages. AI transcription tools often extend support for various languages, enabling swift and accurate transcription of YouTube videos in multiple languages.

This multilingual support amplifies the global reach of the content, a feature not always impeccably handled by the YouTube app.

Maestra's AI video transcription tool can transcribe videos in over 100 languages. Providing superior accuracy and speed compared to alternative methods of transcription.


The marriage of AI with transcription tools has markedly simplified the task of converting audio-visual content from the YouTube app into text. You can take advantage of the latest AI technology by trying Maestra's AI tools for transcription, subtitling, and voiceovers for free. The merits of time-saving, heightened accuracy, customization, adept handling of technical terminology, robust security, and multilingual support overwhelmingly position AI transcription tools as a superior choice over manual transcription or employing YouTube's built-in transcript feature. As AI technology continues to mature, the chasm in efficiency and accuracy between AI transcription tools and other methods is set to broaden, making AI transcription an astute choice for anyone looking to transcribe YouTube videos.

Can Goren
Oct 20, 2023

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