How to Mute on Zoom Meetings

Can Goren
Nov 22, 2023
How to Mute on Zoom Meetings
How to Mute on Zoom Meetings

Depending on the meeting and your role in it, sometimes you need to mute yourself in an instant or automatically mute the people joining.

We will cover everything related to muting on Zoom meetings in this article, but first, let’s start with muting yourself.

How to Mute Yourself on Zoom

Click the “Microphone / Mute” icon.

Click the microphone icon to mute yourself on Zoom.

After you click this, the text will change to “Unmute”, so you can click it again to unmute yourself on Zoom.

This is also the same mobile devices so you can tap the microphone icon to mute Zoom meeting on phone.

Use the shortcut: Alt+A.

If you hold down the alt button and press “A”, you will immediately mute yourself on Zoom, which is a handy shortcut for emergency muting.

How to Mute Microphone on Zoom Before Joining a Meeting

Head onto “Audio Settings” by clicking the arrow near the microphone icon.

Access audio settings.

Go to the “Audio” tab and enable the “Mute my microphone when joining” option.

Enable "Mute my microphone when joining." to automatically mute yourself when joining a meeting.

After ticking this option, you will be automatically muted whenever you join a Zoom meeting.

How to Mute Everyone on Zoom

Well, sometimes you need to clear your head of all the noise in a meeting, or there is an emergency and you need immediate silence. While there is no shortcut to muting everyone, we do have a few methods. Here is how to mute everyone on Zoom:

How to Mute Everyone on Zoom as a Host

Unfortunately, if you want to mute everyone in a Zoom meeting, you have to be the host or the co-host.

Click “Participants” to see every participant in the meeting.

Then, click the “Mute All” button that appears.

Click "Mute All" to mute everyone on Zoom.

To mute everyone on Zoom if you are not the host, we have other methods to show.

How to Mute Everyone on Zoom through Zoom Settings

Turn the volume down from the “Audio Settings”.

Access Audio settings near the microphone icon.

Slide the speaker volume bar to the left side on the “Audio tab”.

Slide the volume to the left to mute Zoom.

This will mute everyone on Zoom until you slide the bar to the right side to turn the volume up. Even though this isn’t as fast as a shortcut, it is the only way to mute everyone on Zoom through Zoom settings.

But we do have a faster method for PC users.

How to Mute Everyone on Zoom (PC)

If you joined a Zoom meeting on your PC, there is a faster way of turning the volume down on everything, which is to turn the volume off on your PC.

Turn your system volume down to mute Zoom.

On the bottom right side of your screen, Windows has a default volume option that will allow you to mute everything once you turn it off. While this will turn off every other audio on your computer, it is just faster than muting everyone on Zoom through Zoom settings.

Alternatively, you can access the mixer and only mute the audio of Zoom.

Selectively mute the audio of Zoom.

How to Mute Everyone on Zoom Except the Host (Host Only)

On some occasions like an online class or a conference, the host might be the only person you want to listen to, especially if some guests have disturbing background noise.

How to mute everyone zoom but the host is simple, all you need to do is hold down the alt button and press “M”. The Alt+M shortcut exists by default on audio settings and it can be changed.

Go to “Audio Settings”.

Enter audio settings.

Change the shortcut to any key combination you desire on the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab.

Mute everyone except the host.

How to Mute Someone Zoom (Host Only)

Perhaps there is disturbing background noise, or you would just like to silence someone during a Zoom meeting, here is how to do it.

Click “Participants” on the Zoom window.

Hover over the participant you wish to mute and select the “Mute” option.

This feature only works for the host so if you wish to mute another participant, you can ask the host to mute them or ask the participant to mute themselves.


How do you mute and unmute on Zoom keyboard?

If you press Alt+A on your keyboard, you will mute yourself on Zoom. If you press the shortcut again, you will unmute yourself.

Why is there no mute button on Zoom?

There is, in fact, a mute button on Zoom in the shape of a microphone with “Mute” written under it, which only mutes your microphone. To mute everyone else, you need to either turn off your volume or be the host of the meeting.

What is the key to mute on Zoom?

The key to mute yourself on Zoom is Alt+A. And the key to mute everyone else except the host is Alt+M but this only works if you are the host of the Zoom meeting.

Where is mute all on Zoom?

The mute all button is located on the window that appears after you click “Participants”. Then if you are the host or the co-host, you can click “Mute all” to mute everyone in the meeting.

Can I selectively mute Zoom?

Yes, you can access the “Participants” tab and mute any participant you wish by clicking the microphone icon on the right side of their name.

Can Goren
Nov 22, 2023

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