How to Use ChatGPT Essay Writer (Tips & Tricks)

Can Goren
Nov 29, 2023
How to Use ChatGPT Essay Writer (Tips & Tricks)
How to Use ChatGPT Essay Writer (Tips & Tricks)

Much like Google, ChatGPT is becoming a fundamental part of our lives. We ask questions and ideas, then demand work. And it delivers impeccably, most of the time.

If you are looking to use the ChatGPT Essay Writer feature, there is much you need to know. But to find the answers to those questions, don’t ask ChatGPT for this once, and let us deliver you a detailed answer.

ChatGPT Essay Writing Quality

When it comes to writing, ChatGPT is exquisite.

Sophisticated and complex sentencing, a deep vocabulary and… Repetition. That is right, ChatGPT is very repetitive, especially when it writes. As someone who regularly uses ChatGPT for content writing, I can say that it is quite easy to spot its writing. The way it compartmentalizes text and the consistent style it keeps through a very deep and complex vocabulary makes it obvious against detection. This might seem a little contradictory since I praise the quality of ChatGPT essay writing because of its rich vocabulary and excellent sentencing, not to mention the knowledge it delivers in an instant, writing always shows some part of the writer, deliberate or not, and this is important because reading is fun and fluid when the text is original (i.e. yours).

An imperfect but knowledgeable vocabulary with a natural way of sentencing separates AI writing from human writing. Saying that, it does not mean that you should not benefit from ChatGPT, or use it as an essay writer altogether. The decision is yours, and surely through complex commanding, you can turn ChatGPT into an excellent essay writer that writes unique essays for you.

How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay

First of all, you need to learn about different commands ChatGPT can understand to write essays. It will tell you about these commands when you ask it to write an essay.

Simply asking ChatGPT essay writer to write an essay on a subject has many downsides, So, we must inform ourselves to improve the way we benefit from ChatGPT essay writing.

Ask the right questions to ChatGPT Essay writer.


Here, we can see that ChatGPT Essay Writer can provide different styles of writing depending on the type of essay and the audience it is aimed for. This is great and all, but the result isn’t always as good as the promise. For example, I asked ChatGPT to write me an essay consisting of 1000 words but it only delivered 425 words with a note that said that it had 1000 words. If an inexperienced user takes it for its word and doesn’t check the actual word count, problems may occur. To prevent problems like these, let’s see a different way of using ChatGPT essay writer.

Ask ChatGPT Essay Writer to Draw an Outline for the Essay

When you directly tell ChatGPT to write you an essay about any subject, the results aren’t as satisfactory. But if you command it to give you an outline of a ChatGPT essay and then ask it to write different parts of the essay with the outline it gives you.

Draw a detailed outline for your essay with ChatGPT essay writing.

An example of a command is:

 “Can you write me the body part of an essay consisting of these sections:  


Section 1: Physical Changes in Antarctica Due to Climate Change

Melting Ice Caps and Glaciers:

Evidence of increased melting rates.

Impact on sea levels globally.

Temperature Variations:

Historical temperature trends in Antarctica.

Predictions for future temperature changes.


Section 2: Ecological Impacts

Flora and Fauna:

Changes in habitat and its effect on native species.

Specific case studies (e.g., penguins, seals).

Marine Ecosystems:

Impact on krill populations and the food chain.

Ocean acidification and its effects.


Section 3: Global Implications of Antarctic Changes

Sea Level Rise:

Projected rise in sea levels and potential global impact.

Climate Feedback Loops:

Explanation of feedback loops (e.g., albedo effect).

How changes in Antarctica accelerate global climate change.


Section 4: Human Activities and Their Impact on Antarctica

Scientific Research:

Overview of ongoing research in Antarctica related to climate change.

Tourism and Exploitation:

The impact of increased human presence and activities.”


After this command, ChatGPT Essay Writer will write a body part that will be as long as, or even longer than the essay it writes if you only asked it to write an essay about the effects of climate change on Antarctica.

If you do not like the content ChatGPT essay writer wrote, you can ask it to paraphrase or talk about different arguments in the essay.

Benefiting From ChatGPT Essay Writing

Create detailed and informative essays with ChatGPT.

A more ideal way of benefiting from ChatGPT essay writer is being inspired by the essays it writes. If you aren’t using ChatGPT to write a long academic essay for an important task given to you by a professor, then odds are you need to write a mid-level essay.

In most cases, ChatGPT essay writing is more than enough for the task at hand, but a little editing goes a long way.

To personalize a ChatGPT essay, you should read it and edit the sentencing, then maybe change some of the wording. Overall, the result will be the same, and it is really difficult to make a ChatGPT essay seem like it was written by a human, but it should do the trick for most.

In the end, ChatGPT essay writing can give you plenty of ideas for writing your own essay, and you can take some of the sentences and arguments it writes to enrich the essay you are writing. This is the most beneficial way of benefiting from a ChatGPT essay, since it has become so popular that everyone is using it, but not everyone knows how to use it most effectively.

Creating a Personalized ChatGPT Essay

Get help and inspiration from ChatGPT Essay writer.

Ask ChatGPT Essay Writer to Draw an Outline

Have ChatGPT Essay Writer draw an outline for the essay you need to have written.

Specify the Level of Study, Writing Style and Quotations

ChatGPT Essay Writer will ask you about these before it starts writing, as well as the length, but let’s save the length of the essay for later. Tell ChatGPT essay writer what kind of an audience the essay is going to be, hence the level of study part.

Secondly, specify the writing style of the essay, as in a persuasive, narrative, expository, or descriptive essay. Let’s see the differences between these styles, as told by our good friend ChatGPT:





Choose the best fit for your essay and continue on for quotations.


Any scientific content must have quotations about the information it provides. As ChatGPT essay writer asks, you must specify if you want quotations and choose between different citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago). Let’s see the differences between these citation styles, explained by ChatGPT:



Choosing the right fit is important to personalize and improve the essay.

Also, if you have an audio quotation, you can simply upload it to Maestra’s audio to text converter and receive the transcript in seconds, available in 125+ languages. An AI transcription tool such as Maestra is especially useful in cases where a quotation is in a foreign language on an audio file.

For the length of the ChatGPT essay, when you ask it to write content specifically targeting parts of the outline, the length will be satisfactory, but it can be too long. Then, you should adjust and cut some of the parts to perfectly target the amount of words you were aiming for.

Conclusion on ChatGPT Essay Writing

You can generate a ChatGPT college essay, a high school essay, or even a detailed scientific essay if you wish to do so. Of course, user preference is key, whether you are looking to get it over with or if you want to create a detailed and informative essay, ChatGPT essay writer can be an incredibly beneficial tool. Even if you do not want to have the essay written by ChatGPT essay writing, you can take inspiration from its ideas and sentencing to improve your wording and writing.

In the end, a real essay should be written by the individual, however being supported by an impeccable AI tool such as ChatGPT essay writer is a no-brainer for anyone looking to write essays.

Can Goren
Nov 29, 2023

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