10 Ways to Come Up With YouTube Video Ideas

  • 2023-12-15
  • Serra Ardem
10 Ways to Come Up With YouTube Video Ideas

Creators know well that generating YouTube video ideas is no easy task. They have to keep their passion alive, follow what’s trending on YouTube, and challenge themselves to try new things. Most importantly, they must keep calm when their mind goes blank.

There are several ways to overcome a creative block though. They vary from unlocking the power of generative AI to resorting to the good old pen and paper. Just use the following tips to generate YouTube video ideas whenever you feel stuck in your content creation journey.

Tips for Generating Creative YouTube Video Ideas

Don’t worry if you suffer from a lack of inspiration. Take a deep breath and use these 10 tips for generating new video ideas for your YouTube channel.

Check Your YouTube Comments

A YouTuber’s comments section can be a goldmine for new content ideas. It is one of the most valuable sources for identifying your audience’s problems and desires.

Pay attention to the most common questions and topics that arise in this section. This will help you understand the areas your audience is eager to discover further. By tailoring your content to your audience’s needs, you can deliver relevant and inspirational videos that drive engagement.

Key tip: Directly ask your audience to comment down below questions they have.

Utilize YouTube Search

The search bar is a great tool for exploring YouTube trends and keywords to go after. Start by typing in keywords related to your niche and see YouTube’s autocomplete in action. These suggestions reveal top things people are searching for. Explore the results and identify gaps you can fill by offering new angles or solutions.

You can also type an underscore (_) before entering your search terms. This will usually show what people are searching for before your keyword.

Key tip: Filter your search by choosing the upload date as “Last Month” and sort by view count to get an idea of latest trends.

YouTube homepage showing recommended videos and search bar.

Collaborate With Other Creators

You know how the saying goes: better together! Collabs between creators, which have been on the rise in recent years, provide an opportunity to share helpful experiences and insights.

For example, you can always reach other YouTubers and offer them to create a challenge video together. If you’re collaborating with another YouTuber from a different country, make sure you add subtitles to break the language barrier and get more views.

Key tip: Always remain authentic and beware of copying others.

Use a List of Ideas

Lists especially might be helpful when generating your first YouTube video ideas. As a starting point, they can provide a structured approach to brainstorming and improve efficiency.

Many creators on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok share lists of video ideas that can ignite your spark. Popular YouTube content include how-to videos, do’s and don’ts, Day in the Life videos, must-have guides, and faceless videos.

Key tip: For original YouTube content ideas, try to add a twist to popular topics. Combine them in different ways or break them into smaller parts.

Create Polls

Who doesn’t love polls? Fun and easy to create, they can give you several ideas and foster a sense of community among your followers.

Ask your audience to choose between various video formats, styles and topics. Get their opinion on who they would like to see on your channel if you’re considering collaborating with other YouTubers.

Key tip: While creating a poll, add an option where your viewers can write their own suggestions. This will lead to a better variety of inputs.

Make Mind Maps

We live in a digital age, but the power of pen and paper is still here. Mind maps can be a powerful tool for your YouTube channel as they can help you gather, organize and connect different ideas.

Place the main idea at the center of your map and then branch out with related ideas. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What are the subtopics within this central theme?
  • What are the current trends and controversies around this topic?
  • What are some unexpected angles I can explore?

Key tip: Write every idea down even if it seems silly. Unrelated ideas can connect magically; that’s the beauty of mind mapping.

A man looking at a mind map and brainstorming.

Experiment Fearlessly

Exploring different video types and utilizing innovative technologies can pave the way for creative YouTube video ideas. This will also help you stay relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of online content creation.

Try livestreaming with real-time discussions and discover new opinions. You can use gamification elements like points, badges and leaderboards to increase viewer engagement and boost idea sharing.

Another technology you can experiment with is automatic video dubbing and voiceover. You can use an AI video dubber to reach a wider audience, broaden your worldview and feel inspired by the new people you connect with.

Key tip: Follow YouTube trends closely and think how to adopt them to grow your channel.

Review and Refresh Old Content

Which videos performed well? Which got fewer views? By answering these questions, you can identify what resonates with your audience and use your best content as a springboard for new ideas.

Also look at how other YouTubers are reviewing and repurposing their old content. This can give you new video ideas for your own YouTube channel.

Key tip: Don’t be afraid to criticize your own work but also focus on the positive.

Take a Break

NYTimes bestselling author Austin Kleon said, “Creative people need time to just sit around and do nothing.” This sentence perfectly captures the importance of resting your mind.

To avoid creator burnout, step away from your content regularly and recharge. Connect with the outside world and let your mind wander. New sights and sounds can become the seeds of new YouTube video ideas.

Key tip: Take a walk in nature to escape information overload and stimulate your creative side.

A walking path in nature.

Unlock the Power of Generative AI

Generative AI is now becoming an integral part of a creator’s life. YouTubers can enter and experiment with prompts to explore new angles for their channel.

AI tools can also generate scenario or storyline alternatives around a concept and provide inspiration for YouTube video ideas. They can also analyze current trends and suggest topics that can get more subscribers and views.

Key tip: Always remember that AI is a supplementary tool; it should not replace your creativity.

6 Generative AI Tools for New YouTube Video Ideas

Want to delve deeper into the world of generative AI? Here are 7 AI-powered tools that can assist you while generating new video ideas for your YouTube channel.


A great co-pilot for your video creation journey, vidIQ’s idea generator helps you with research so you can focus on creating. Enter what your channel is about and vidIQ will suggest 10 YouTube video ideas. The free version offers 3 entries per day.


Resort to Copy.ai’s free content idea generator to break free from a creative rut. Enter your niche and topics of interest to generate 5 related content ideas. The tool will show you its resources as well. No daily use limit.


Google’s conversational AI tool Bard can become your best friend in a short time. You can ask Bard to compare and contrast different perspectives and even generate mindmaps. Furthermore, you can tell your channel’s past successes and audience demographics to get personalized content ideas. Free to use, no limit.

Google's conversational AI tool Bard.


Need to fill your content calendar? Use Hootsuite’s free content ideas generator to come up with a variety of topics. Just select your language and content type, enter up to five nouns, add your primary keyword and tap “Generate ideas”. Hootsuite will suggest 3 YouTube video ideas with a corresponding summary. No limit.


Writesonic’s YouTube ideas generator can be used ten times per day for free. The best part is that you can even select a tone of voice. The tool will create a set of 5 unique and relevant YouTube video ideas in seconds. You can pick the one you like, mix and match different ideas or generate more options.


HubSpot’s ideas generator is mainly for blogs but you can always adapt it to your Youtube videos. Enter a noun to get started and then add up to 5 nouns. HubSpot will list 5 blog ideas which you can take inspiration from. You can go pro to unlock 250 more ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What videos are best for YouTube?

It depends on the topic of your channel but here are 5 YouTube video ideas that stand out: product reviews and unboxing, reaction videos, DIY videos, challenges and behind the scenes. Popular topics include education, gaming, beauty, fitness, music and travel.

How can I choose a good YouTube video idea?

The first step to picking up good YouTube video ideas is understanding your audience. Know their demographics, interests and pain points to create content that resonates. You also need to follow trends but adopt them only if they fit your niche and channel.

What are some first YouTube video ideas?

Your first video sets the tone. You can go for the classic method and start by introducing yourself, show your expertise with a tutorial or explore a trending topic. Whatever you do, make sure you reflect your passion and stay authentic.

What does YouTube count as a view?

For YouTube to count a view, the user must initially click on the video to watch it. Additionally, the video must be watched for at least 30 seconds. The platform filters out views that it considers as spam or artificial.

How much does YouTube pay for 1,000 views?

As of December 2023, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, a YouTuber earns around $0.018 for each view, which makes $18 for every 1,000 views.

How can I get more views on YouTube for free?

There are certain methods for increasing the number of your YouTube views: optimize your titles and descriptions according to YouTube SEO, add relevant tags and time stamps, create eye-catching thumbnails, establish consistency and share your content on other social media platforms. Most importantly, create high-quality content that provides value.


This blog listed 10 ways to come up with YouTube video ideas when you are battling a creative block. From traditional brainstorming methods to collaborating with other YouTubers, these practical tips can reignite your spark. We also suggested 6 generative AI tools for idea generation; use them to harness the power of the latest technology.

One last tip before we conclude: When a new idea comes to your mind, don’t forget to write it down. It is probably the most powerful habit you can get.

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