How to Add Chapters to Youtube Videos

Can Goren
Jul 5, 2023
How to Add Chapters to Youtube Videos
How to Add Chapters to Youtube Videos

Chapters allow easier navigation through Youtube videos and they are a must-do when it comes to Youtube content.

So let's quickly get into how you can add chapters to Youtube videos.

1) Add Video Chapters Through the Video Description

1) Go to Youtube Studio

Go to "Youtube Studio".

Head over to Youtube Studio by clicking the account icon on the upper right corner of Youtube's homepage.

2) Choose a Youtube Video

Choose the video you want to add chapters to.

Head over to "Content" on the left side and click the video you want to add video chapters to.

3) Add the Youtube Video Chapters to the Description Box

Type the timestamps into the description box.

In the video description box, write the timestamps of the chapters and their titles as shown in the image above.

Disclaimer: The first chapter has to start from "00:00" or the chapters won't register.

2) Automatic Video Chapters by Youtube

Youtube has a feature that automatically adds chapters to videos. However, this feature is an AI feature and it can be inconsistent as of today.

We advise that you manually add chapters to Youtube videos since it is incredibly simple to do and can be extremely beneficial when they are accurate and done well.

1) Click "Show More" on a video details page.

Click "Show More" to see the automatic Youtube chapters feature.

Scroll down from the description box and click "Show More" to be able to see the automatic chapters feature.

2) Enable "Automatic chapters and key moments"

Tick the box to enable "Automatic chapters".

Tick "Allow automatic chapters and key moments" to enable Youtube's automatic video chapters feature.

This feature is sometimes automatically enabled, so just tick off the box to remove automatic video chapters.

How to Automatically Transcribe and Subtitle Youtube Videos

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In addition, Maestra provides a free Youtube transcript generator where you can upload the Youtube video or just paste the link to transcribe Youtube videos within seconds. Having the transcript of Youtube videos improve the accessibility of your channel, plus you can translate the transcripts into multiple languages.

By adding subtitles to your Youtube videos in multiple languages and having Youtube video transcripts, you can maximize the accessibility of your Youtube channel and reach a global audience.

Best Practices for Adding Chapters:

Keep chapters concise: Try to break your video into smaller sections, making it easier for viewers to navigate and find the content they are looking for.

Use descriptive titles: Chapter titles should be concise but informative, giving viewers a clear idea of what each section entails. Engaging titles can help capture viewers' attention and encourage them to explore further.

Be consistent: Maintain a consistent format for your chapter timestamps throughout your video series or channel. This helps viewers become familiar with your style and makes it easier for them to navigate other videos.

Highlight important chapters: If your video covers a particularly valuable or popular topic, consider emphasizing it in the chapter list or title. This can attract more viewership and enhance engagement.

Youtube Video Chapters: Enhancing the Video Experience

YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing platform, has revolutionized the way we consume online content.

From educational tutorials to entertaining skits, YouTube offers an extensive range of videos to suit everyone's interests. However, finding specific information within lengthy videos can sometimes be a tedious task. This is where YouTube video chapters come to the rescue.

Video chapters allow creators to divide their videos into easily navigable sections, enhancing the viewer experience and enabling them to access the content they desire quickly.

Understanding YouTube Video Chapters

YouTube video chapters are timestamps added by creators to the video description. These timestamps divide the video into distinct sections, highlighting different topics or segments.

Each chapter is accompanied by a title that summarizes the content within that specific time frame. When users hover over the progress bar, they can see these chapter titles, allowing them to jump directly to the desired section.

Benefits for Creators

Video chapters offer several advantages to creators. They provide a more organized and structured viewing experience, making it easier for viewers to navigate through the content.

By dividing the video into chapters, creators can engage their audience more effectively, as viewers can quickly locate the sections that interest them the most. This improved navigation can lead to increased watch time and higher viewer satisfaction. Moreover, video chapters can help creators improve the overall accessibility of their content, as individuals with hearing or visual impairments can use the chapter titles to better understand the video's context.

Benefits for Viewers

Video chapters have become a game-changer for YouTube viewers. With the growing popularity of long-form content, finding specific information within a lengthy video used to be a time-consuming process.

Video chapters offer a solution by enabling viewers to jump directly to the parts they are interested in, saving them precious time. Whether it's a recipe tutorial, a tech review, or a documentary, viewers can quickly navigate to the sections that address their needs or pique their curiosity.

This feature has made YouTube more user-friendly and has enhanced the overall viewing experience for millions of users worldwide.

How to Utilize Video Chapters

If you're a YouTube creator looking to implement video chapters, the process is straightforward. Follow these steps to enhance your viewers' experience:

Identify the key topics or sections in your video.

Note down the timestamps for each section.

Add these timestamps and corresponding titles in the video description. Format them as follows: 00:00 - Introduction, 03:45 - Part 1: Topic A, 07:30 - Part 2: Topic B, and so on.

Save the changes and publish your video.

It's important to ensure that the timestamps and titles accurately reflect the content within each section to provide a seamless experience for viewers.


Adding chapters to your YouTube videos is an effective way to enhance viewer engagement and make your content more accessible. You can manually add chapters by typing the timecodes in the video description box, or Youtube has the feature to add them automatically. However, we should state again that if you are adding video chapters manually you have to start with the timecode 00:00, otherwise timestamps won't register.

By providing timestamps and titles, you enable viewers to navigate to specific sections they find most relevant or interesting. With the right implementation, chapters can improve the overall user experience, encourage longer watch times, and help your videos stand out in the competitive world of YouTube. So, start implementing chapters in your videos and give your viewers a convenient and enjoyable way to explore your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manually add chapters on YouTube?

Check out the first chapter of this article to learn how to add chapters to Youtube video. In summary, you can type the timestamps of the chapters to the video's description, starting from 00:00 to add the chapters to Youtube videos. Another method is enabling Youtube's automatic chapters feature.

Why can't I add chapters to my YouTube video?

You have to start with the time stamp 00:00 in order to add chapters to Youtube videos. There are some articles that say you need to pass the 1,000 subscriber threshold, but that does not seem to be the case anymore as channels with much fewer subscribers can add Youtube chapters to their videos.

How do I add chapters to my YouTube video 2023?

Scroll up to the first chapter of this article to see how you can add Youtube chapters to your Youtube videos by typing the timestamps of the chapters into the description box. Or, you can add Youtube chapters automatically with Youtube's automatic chapters feature.

How many subscribers do you need to add chapters on YouTube?

On the internet, a few articles say that you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers to add chapters on Youtube. However, that is not true since channels with fewer subscribers can add Youtube chapters to their videos.

Can Goren
Jul 5, 2023

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