How to Download Reels from Instagram without the Watermark

Rashida Beal
Jan 9, 2023
How to Download Reels from Instagram without the Watermark
How to Download Reels from Instagram without the Watermark

As creators try to battle the ever-confusing Instagram algorithm, posting Reels has been one shining way to stay on timelines.

But Instagram isn’t the only platform where video content is taking over.

TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other channels are also filled with videos. For both creators and marketers, a short-form video is a powerful tool.

One of the best content marketing strategies available is repurposing content.

However, sharing the exact video with a watermark is not a good idea.

Keep reading to learn more about saving Instagram Reels and how to download Reels without a watermark.

How to Save Instagram Reels

Saving a Reel is the first step to sharing it on other platforms. Is there a fast way to download one of your Reels?

The good news is that Instagram does make it easy to save your Reel to your camera roll. The most basic method for downloading an Instagram Reels video is:


  1. Choose the Reel you want.
  2. Click on the three dots “...” in the bottom right corner.
  3. Choose “Save to Camera Roll.”

It’s that easy to download the video!

BUT there’s one issue.

When you save a Reel this way, it comes with the Instagram watermark. This might not seem like a huge deal, but posting a video with a watermark on other channels can hurt your exposure. Not to mention, it appears quite lazy and unprofessional, which is not a good look for creators or brands.

Can I Save the Reel from My Story?

Another common method that people talk about is adding the Reel to your Instagram stories and then downloading it. You can share the Reel to your story to boost engagement and get it in front of your audience who may not wander to the Reels tab. While you can then download the story on Instagram by clicking the dots icon, the video will still include the watermark. Therefore, this is not the best method to use for a watermark-free video.

Editing the Watermark Out

If you already have the downloaded Reel from the Instagram app, you may want to remove the watermark. The good news is that many video editing software makes it possible to snip and remove watermarks from videos from Instagram.

Add the downloaded Reel into the editor. Some may then include a watermark removal feature. Other times, you must manually do this and replace the pixels.

This can work, but unless you are a very seasoned editor, the final video may still have evidence of watermark removal. When viewed in full-screen it can be quite noticeable. Not to mention, this option includes several steps and can be quite time-consuming.

Screen Recording Instagram Posts

Another option for saving your Reel is to use an iPhone or Android screen recorder. When you watch the video on the platform, it does not show the watermark. Therefore, you can use the screen recorder to capture the video. Then, you can shorten and crop the recording to only show the video.

One issue, however, is that the screen recording won’t capture the audio. If you want to use the same audio, you’ll need to add it again separately in a video editor or on the new platform.

Instagram Reel Video Downloaders

Instagram makes it easy to download a Reel, but not without its watermark! Of course, they want to promote their app through your video.

But the endeavor is not hopeless!

There are plenty of third-party apps and websites that help you quickly and easily save Instagram Reels without the watermark.

Here are a few:


Repost App

Repost App is a simple website for downloading Instagram videos and even Tweets. Their goal is to make it fast and easy to share content across several platforms.

All you need to do is paste the Instagram video link in the designated box on the homepage. Then, press the download button. You can even add the original caption if you want to use it for your next content.


Another similar option is iGram. It works much the same way, where you paste the Instagram link and then press the large “download” button to get the watermark-free video. In addition to Reels, you can also use it to download photos, IGTV videos, and more.


InDown is a free, fast Reels downloader. Use it to save high-quality, MP4 Reels to your computer or phone. You don’t even have to create an account or log in to use the service. Furthermore, it offers unlimited downloads. Add the reel you want to download and press the button to convert it. It's that quick and easy.


With InstaVideoSave, you can download Instagram Reels, profiles, stories, audio, photos, or Facebook videos. It’s a very simple, yet effective site. Much like the ones above, you only need to paste the Reels link and then press download.


Reposter for Instagram by iDB

This free app allows you to download water-mark free Reels. Copy the link from your Reel and then open the app. The app may paste the link automatically, otherwise, you can manually add it. Tap to preview the video and then select “Repost on Instagram.” Doing this saves the Reel to your iPhone camera roll.

Make the Most of Your Watermark-Free Reel

There are several ways to remove the watermark from Instagram Reels. Whether you use free editing software or a simple, free website, you can get watermark-free videos in minutes.

Once you remove the watermark, then you can use the video on any platform! This can help you grow your social media audiences while also saving time on content creation.

But before sharing the video to TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube Shorts, you want to make it as engaging and accessible as possible. The best way to gain accessibility and reach a global audience is with Maestra’s subtitle generator. Add subtitles and translate them into over 80 languages within minutes using our AI-powered software solution.

Learn more by trying out our software for free! Get started today.

Rashida Beal
Jan 9, 2023

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