How to Shorten a Screen Recording on iPhone

Rashida Beal
Nov 24, 2022
How to Shorten a Screen Recording on iPhone
How to Shorten a Screen Recording on iPhone

Recording your screen is an unsung tool used by creators, professionals, teachers, and more. If you have an iPhone, then you can use this helpful feature. You can use a screen recording to teach others how to do something. You can even use footage recorded on your iPhone to share your gameplay.

However, sometimes you want to cut out the beginning of your video because you started recording too soon. Or you want to delete the end because you don’t want viewers to watch your embarrassing video game death. Regardless of the reason, you can record and trim your video on your iPhone in a few, easy-to-follow steps.

How to Use Screen Recordings

Almost anyone can use screen recordings. Here are just a few examples of the many ways you can use screen recordings:

 If you have a reason to share your screen recording, then do it!

Why Shortening a Screen Recording is Useful

You should want people to watch your screen recording. Why else would you go through the effort of creating and publishing one? You have to capture their attention and keep them watching.

How do you keep your viewers engaged?

By cutting unnecessary content.

This content is usually found at the beginning and end of a video. If you follow standard conventions, then you will probably begin your screen recording a few moments before the actual meat of the content. Those moments can be used to troubleshoot any issues or get ready to narrate the on-screen action. The end of your recording is typically just the moment when you stop recording. Editing out these bland bits allows your viewers to watch the more exciting parts of your screen recording.

In addition to editing out the beginning and end of a video, you may also want to trim out unnecessary content from the middle of the video. Examples include:

How to Shorten a Screen Recording on iPhone

Enable the Screen Recording Feature

You can record your screen on Apple products without downloading a separate recording app. Before you can create or edit a screen recording, you must enable the feature.

*Extra tip: when screen recording on iPhone and iPad, make sure your screen brightness is up!

If you want to disable screen recording, return to the Include screen and tap the red minus sign next to the Screen Recording option.

Create a Screen Recording

If you do not have a screen recording on your iPhone, then you can create one by following these instructions:

If you want to narrate your screen recording, tap the record button and hold it until you are given the choice to turn your microphone on.

Shorten a Screen Recording

While you can certainly upload the video into video editing software, a video editor is not necessary for trimming your video clip. Here's how you can do it right from your phone:

Revert the Trim

If you need to undo the trim after you save, you can:

What You Can Do With the Screen Recording After Trimming

One video tap can take your screen recordings farther than your iPhone. Their destinations depend on you. One of the best things about them is that you control how and where to publish them. Here are a few examples of what you can do with your screen recording after you trim it.

Share on Social Media

After you screen record on iPhone and crop your videos to fit your preferred social media platform’s preferences, you can share practically anything with your followers. You can also use video content to expand your audience. You can publish how-to videos, product demonstrations, and much more. You are only limited by your imagination.

Archive Virtual Meetings

Although various industries are adopting hybrid workplaces, not everyone can attend virtual meetings simultaneously. Employees do not have to miss important meetings if the meetings are recorded for future viewing.

Present Webinars

Presenters can share their webinars without having to worry about connecting multiple devices and tripping over cords. They can record their webinars and share them so they do not have to present the same information over and over.

Save Webinars

Although presenters might record their webinars, viewers might want to record the events themselves to refer to afterward. Viewers can then go through the material again and again until they understand it better. They can also edit out irrelevant pieces and share content with their coworkers, friends, or whoever they think would be interested.

Shorten Your Recording, Expand Your Reach

Recording and editing a video of your iPhone screen can help you reach people and better engage them. After shortening your recordings, you can turn them into social media content, add them to longer YouTube videos, record voice-overs, share them with someone for a tutorial, or more. The opportunities are endless now that you know the easy way to shorten your iPhone screen recordings. The power of screen recordings is in your hands.

Rashida Beal
Nov 24, 2022

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