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Clarify, augment, and enhance your video projects with Maestra’s easy-to-use voice over tool. Automatically generate overlaid audio in minutes from a written or rendered script and help viewers access and connect better with your content.

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How to voice over in Turkish?

Upload to voiceover videos
Upload a video file now to see Maestra's video dubbber in action, no credit card or signup required.
Multiple ways to upload
Easily import your audio or video files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, a Youtube or public link, or browse locally from your computer and pick Turkish as the spoken audio language.
View and edit using the voiceover editor
Once you submit your file will be transcribed to Turkish text automatically in just a few minutes. Easily proofread, pick synthetic voices for each speaker, make any necessary editing changes, dub your video and optionally translate to 50+ languages.
Export or share
You can share and collaborate the automatically generated Turkish voiceover file online through the Maestra editor. You can also export as plain MP3 voiceover audio file or an MP4 video file with burned-in voiceovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maestra is an automatic transcription, captioning, and voiceover platform that allows you to automatically turn your audio and video files into your desired format. Our automatic AI processor will transcribe, translate, caption, or voiceover your files and send them back to you incredibly fast. Edit your videos in our advanced, easy-to-use and collaborative editor, then save and share them with your audience! Check out our Video Dubber page for more information on how to voice over with Maestra. If you have any questions about how Maestra works, we’re more than happy to walk you through a demo.

Yes, you can voice over in Turkish using Maestra services. Maestra extracts speech from any audio file using automatic speech recognition software (asr), regardless of the file size, format, duration or language used in the audio/video. Maestra's automatic voice over engine will then allow you to translate this speech to a language of your preference utilizing synthethic voices. You can also use Maestra for narrating or dubbing a media file without any existing speech. Any text you put on the Maestra editor can be converted into speech. You can alternatively import a subtitle file and dub your file based on that.

Your Turkish synthethic voiceovers can be exported as MP3 or MP4 files with or without burned-in subtitles, the transcribed text can also exported as a variety of text formats, including PDF(.pdf), WORD(docx), TXT(.txt), SubRip (.srt), WebVTT (.vtt), Scenarist (.scc), Spruce (.stl), Cheetah (.cap), Avid DS (.txt). Timestamps and speaker tags can be included in the text export.

Your Turkish file should be transcribed in less than half the length of the original file. For example, if your file is 15 minutes long, it should only take around 10 minutes for the file to be converted. Once the text is ready, synthesizing the voiceover should take less than a minute. You can re-synthesize the voiceover after making edits. Consecutive voice over generation attemps will take less time since Maestra caches the unedited sentences.

Here are the languages that you can upload your video and audio file in: Arabic, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh. Maestra offers various human-like synthethic voices based on neural network models for each of the languages above that you can make use of to dub or narrate your media files.

You can import your Turkish files from a variety of services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, or YouTube or other public links and convert them into text in minutes. You can also import your subtitle files such as SRT or VTT to the Maestra voiceover editor.

Customer Reviews
What people are saying about Maestra Turkish voice over software
4.7 out of 5 stars
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"The All In One "over the top" turnkey solution for Automatic Transcripts, Subtitles and Voiceovers"

What comes to mind as Maestra being the go-to solution for our company is that it's such a time and money saver.

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"Maestra 100% worth the investment in captioning your videos"

Customer service is what sets them apart from the rest!

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"Master the Media with Maestra"

The best side of this product is auto subtitling. And most importantly, it supports multiple languages.

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Maestra is just amazing! We were able to produce subtitles in multiple languages assisted by their platform. Multiple users were able to work and collaborate thanks to their super user-friendly interface.

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