15.ai: Top 8 Alternatives & All There is to Know

  • 2024-04-15
  • Can Goren
15.ai: Top 8 Alternatives & All There is to Know

15.ai was preferred by many for generating the voices of beloved characters such as SpongeBob, HAL 9000 and more. But because the website is down frequently, users are looking for similar websites.

Here are the 8 best alternatives to 15.ai with detailed descriptions and pricing info (including free versions).

What is 15.ai?

15.ai is a voice synthesis application that lets users create speech snippets in the voices of different cartoon, video game, and other media characters.

Why are people looking for alternatives?

15.ai allowed users to create AI voices of beloved characters such as SpongeBob, HAL 9000, Glados, Tenth Doctor and more. Since the website is regularly offline and people aren’t able to use it, they are looking for alternatives that serve the same purpose.

Top 15.ai Alternatives

Let’s take a look at the best 15.ai alternatives that serve the same purpose.

Uberduck Free Trial / 96$/Year Song Making with AI Character Voices ⭐⭐⭐⭐
ElevenLabs Starts from 10$ Voice Generator with Cloning ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Maestra.ai Free Trial / Starts from 5$ Diverse AI Voices plus AI Cloning in Multiple Languages ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Resemble AI 29$/Month Voice Generator for Entreprises ⭐⭐⭐
Gesserit.co 14$/Month Voice Generator in Multiple Languages ⭐⭐
Lovo AI Free Trial / 24$/Month Voice Generator & Video Editing ⭐⭐⭐
Speechelo 97$ One Time Purchase Voiceovers in Multiple Languages ⭐⭐
VoxBox 15$/Month Voice Generation & TF2 Voices ⭐⭐⭐

1) Uberduck.ai

Uberduck AI.

Uberduck.ai is a versatile voice synthesis platform that enables users to create custom voiceovers and music using a wide range of voices, including celebrity likenesses and character voices from various media. It is popular among content creators for its ability to generate novel audio content, such as song covers and dialogue in character-specific voices.

2) ElevenLabs

elevenlabs io

ElevenLabs offers advanced voice synthesis technology that allows for the creation of highly realistic and customizable voice clones. This platform is particularly notable for its ability to generate lifelike speech from text inputs, making it useful for applications like audiobooks, voiceovers, and virtual assistants. It also provides features for voice modification and control over speech nuances.

3) Maestra AI

Generate voices using Maestra.

Maestra is an AI-driven tool that provides a diverse portfolio of AI voices and the AI voice cloning feature in multiple languages. With a simple interface and the ability to generate realistic voices in multiple languages, Maestra is popular among content creators and & businesses alike for its ability to provide global outreach to content.

4) Resemble AI

Ressemble AI voice generator.

Resemble AI focuses on creating custom AI voices that can be used for a variety of applications, from interactive voice responses to dynamic audio content in games and VR. Its ability to clone voices with high accuracy allows for personalized user experiences and brand-specific voice assistants.


Lovo AI voiceovers.

LOVO AI provides a platform for voice cloning and text-to-speech services, offering a diverse library of voices and the option to create personal voice skins. This makes it ideal for creating voiceovers for educational content, advertisements, and interactive entertainment with a personal touch.

6) Gesserit.co

Realistic voices for videos with Gesserit.co.

Gesserit.co is a text-to-speech service that emphasizes the creation of natural and expressive voice narrations. It caters to users needing high-quality speech generation for e-learning, audiobooks, and corporate presentations. The platform offers a straightforward user interface and supports various languages and accents.

7) Speechelo

Speechelo voice creator in many languages.

Speechelo is a text-to-speech software designed for quick and easy generation of voiceovers. It supports multiple languages and provides various voice tones, including joyful, serious, and normal modes, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications such as YouTube videos and e-learning modules.

8) VoxBox

Generate TF2 voices with VoxBox.

VoxBox is a voice generator most sought after for its ability to generate TF2 voices. Users who are looking for 15.ai alternatives can benefit from VoxBox for its realistic text-to-speech and voice cloning features to create AI voices including the voices of their favorite TF2 characters.

FAQs About 15.ai Alternatives

Does 15.ai still exist?

15.ai is currently offline and has been offline since an update was said to be on the way. However, since users aren’t able to use the tool and they aren’t kept up to date on the website’s situation, they are looking for alternatives to create AI voices with text to speech.

What is number 15 text-to-speech?

15 text-to-speech refers to 15.ai which is a website that provides text to speech technology to users, including the ability to generate voices of beloved characters such as SpongeBob, HAL 9000, Glados, Tenth Doctor and more.

Where can I generate realistic AI voices?

Many websites offer the service of voice generation to users. The best alternatives to 15.ai to generate realistic AI voices are Maestra.ai and Elevenlabs.

How to generate voices for characters?

With advanced text to speech technology, users can type anything and have AI voices speak the text. With a diverse portfolio of AI voices, users can generate voices for characters using Maestra.ai.

What is the best AI voice generator for TF2?

VoxBox allows users to generate voices of TF2 characters. If you are looking to generate TF2 voices, VoxBox also offers a free trial so users can try out their voice generator.

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