How to Translate Youtube Subtitles Automatically

Can Goren
Jul 7, 2022
How to Translate Youtube Subtitles Automatically
How to Translate Youtube Subtitles Automatically

Subtitles allow growth through accessibility, so let's take a look at how you can translate the subtitles on Youtube videos.

Different Ways to Translate Youtube Videos

Subtitle to the right language or a new language with Maestra.

There are 3 ways you can add translated subtitles to Youtube videos. Directly upload a transcript, auto-translate or manually write the transcript yourself. Keep in mind that to auto translate you need to upload the transcript in the original language of the video first. But these tools are located in the same window so to reach them we need to do the same thing.

Adding Subtitles to Youtube with Maestra

Translate videos and gain access to simple translation through Maestra.

When you are uploading subtitles to Maestra, there is a Youtube option that lets you add the subtitles you generate directly to your Youtube videos. This is a simpler method of adding subtitles to Youtube videos, compared to manually adding them.

Choose your Youtube account and choose a foreign language while uploading the video to Maestra's cloud. You can translate the video to many more languages after this step.

Or export the closed captions in the original language as an SRT file then upload it to Youtube to use their auto-translate tool.

Translate the title of your videos and download the file in different file formats.

Pick any video in the channel and go ahead to the editor to generate more translations!

Easy video translation to make your content relevant.

Automatically transfer the generated translations to Youtube videos as Youtube subtitles with the click of a button. When you make changes to the text in Maestra, click the button again to change the subtitles on the video as well!

Translating Subtitles on Youtube with Maestra

Allow everyone to watch your video with Maestra's translations.

There are more than 100 languages available in Maestra. After generating automatic captions, press "Translate" on the upper left corner of the screen to auto translate Youtube subtitles to other languages.

Enter Youtube Studio

Upload by copying the URL to subtitle and download your videos.

First of all, creators need to enter the Youtube studio. You can do this by pressing the "Youtube Studio" button on the top right corner of the screen, in your account options.

The Subtitles Section

Subtitle the chosen language or another language or create captions.

On the left side you can see there are many sections in Youtube Studio, one of those is the "Subtitles" section. There you can see the videos in the channel, click the video you want to start adding or translating subtitles.

Add Subtitles in New Languages

Translate to different languages and export the file as an srt file.

In this section, if you want to add subtitles in another language, click "Add Language" and choose from the list of languages. After choosing, the language will appear under "Video Subtitles", but you need to click "Add" to add it to the video.

Translate the Subtitles of the Youtube Video

Translating videos is simple with Maestra. Upload the translation file to your video.

Youtube offers 3 methods to add translated subtitles to Youtube videos:

Upload the Transcript

Everyone can watch your video after the correct translations.

With this option, the creator can upload the transcript of the translated subtitles which must include timecodes. Then, the subtitles would be added to the Youtube video.

Manually Type the Subtitles

Video translation is a great way to make your content relevant.

The content creator can also manually type the subtitles which would be tedious and an unreasonable amount of work compared to using an auto subtitle generator. Or, if you are adamant on manually putting the subtitles on the video, using Maestra's Youtube transcript generator to transcribe Youtube videos and use the text as subtitles can shorten the amount of time you spend on subtitling. But if it is a short video, content creators can type the subtitles in the original language of the video to use the auto-translate option of Youtube Studio.

Auto-Translate Youtube

Subtitle your video playlist to different languages.

To use this option, the video needs to have subtitles in its original language. This is why manually typing the subtitles in the video's original language can be beneficial. Then you can just use the auto translate tool to create subtitles in many languages.

Another way to auto translate YouTube videos is by generating subtitles and being able to translate them to 100+ languages through Maestra's AI video translator.

Benefits of Translating Youtube Videos

We briefly talked about accessibility at the beginning, but let's talk about it more in terms of the advantages it provides.

Every content creator wants more viewers and even though they feel like their content is up to their standards, the viewers are just not coming in. One of the reasons for not being able to reach more viewers is the lack of accessibility. But, accessibility isn't just about getting more clicks.

Content needs to be consumable by a large margin of the potential audience to reach its potential. Youtube captions or subtitles do not just allow growth through translated videos, but through allowing the videos to be consumed by hard of hearing and deaf viewers or viewers who need to watch videos on mute.

Grow Your Youtube Channel

Youtube has various ways to attract viewers to your Youtube videos. For example, it can translate the title of the video to make it more accessible to more people. Breaking the language barrier is crucial if you want more viewers, but it isn't enough by itself.

By adding subtitles to Youtube videos , an international audience becomes reachable. If you try to translate Youtube videos to different languages manually, you are going to have a terrible time. And to translate Youtube videos or add Youtube subtitles, software that lets you add auto generated subtitles or voiceovers will be an incredible solution to this problem.

Start by translating closed captions to languages that are spoken by a large margin of people around the world like English, French, Mandarin or Hindi and continue to translate to other languages. Perhaps your content appeals to a German audience, then add German subtitles. Be mindful of your potential audiences at all times and add Youtube captions accordingly to expand your channel's reach.

Can Goren
Jul 7, 2022

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