10 Best AI Meeting Assistants to Use in 2024

  • 2024-02-23
  • Serra Ardem
10 Best AI Meeting Assistants to Use in 2024

Every great pilot needs a copilot; and AI meeting assistants are today’s digital navigators that bring efficiency to modern workspace. Acting as our silent yet powerful partners, they automate tedious tasks, capture valuable information and provide critical insights.

In this blog, we pay tribute to AI meeting assistants by first highlighting their benefits. Then we guide you on how to choose an AI meeting assistant and emphasize 5 qualities to look out for. Finally, we share our list of 10 best AI meeting assistants that can supercharge your workflow in various ways.

What is an AI meeting assistant?

An AI meeting assistant is a sophisticated tool that uses artificial intelligence technologies to boost meeting efficiency and workplace productivity. It is designed to automate several tasks associated with meetings, such as transcribing voice to text, identifying action items and even following up on them.

Close-up to the hand of a white robot.

Utilizing machine learning  and natural language processing (NLP), AI meeting assistants can analyze the meeting flow and capture crucial information simultaneously. They are trained on vast amounts of data, which allows them to recognize speech patterns and understand the context of the conversations.

Advantages of AI Meeting Assistants

AI meeting assistants evolve day by day through continuous learning and adaptation to user needs. The advantages they offer are numerous; here are the top 5:

Quick Information Retrieval

You can access past meeting information instantly thanks to an AI meeting assistant. Searchable transcripts and summaries will let you find key points in seconds, which will save time and enhance the decision making process.

Better Collaboration

Ensuring everyone is on the same page, AI meeting assistants foster inclusive participation. Their collaboration features enable team members to view and edit documents together at the same time.

Organization and Documentation

AI tools excel at organizing meeting content, archiving discussions and creating comprehensive documentation. They automatically tag and categorize information for streamlined organization and future reference.

An artist's illustration of artificial intelligence, inspired by neural networks and deep learning.

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging advanced analytics, an AI meeting assistant can generate data-driven insights from meeting interactions. It can detect areas for improvement and track progress over time.

Increased Accessibility

AI meeting assistants promote accessibility for participants with hearing impairments and language differences. They can create a more equitable meeting experience with live captioning, online notes and real-time translation.

How to Choose an AI Meeting Assistant

How to choose the right tool when there are so many AI meeting assistants out there? Prioritize the following criteria for a well-informed decision.


Look for an assistant with a high accuracy rate in transcription. Consider features like speaker identification and language support for diverse meeting settings. These will ensure reliability and facilitate meaningful interactions.


Does the assistant work with the video conferencing platform or calendar app you use? It should easily integrate with your existing productivity tools so you don’t have to deal with significant adjustments or disruptions.


A user-friendly interface is crucial for widespread adoption. That’s why you should select an AI meeting assistant with clear navigation and helpful tutorials. This will encourage both technical and non-technical users to benefit from the tool in the most effective way possible.

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You must always choose an AI meeting assistant with a proven track record of safeguarding data. Look for end-to-end encryption, data anonymization and adherence to privacy regulations to guarantee confidentiality.


Many AI meeting assistants offer customization features tailored to various needs. Make sure you select a tool that adapts to your meeting style, comes with different pricing plans and provides flexibility.

10 Great AI Assistants for Meetings

Now you know the things to consider when choosing an AI meeting assistant, it’s time to check the 10 tools we suggest. Let’s delve into our list.

1. Fellow

For: generating meeting agendas with AI

Integrations: 50+ integrations including Asana, Slack, Trello and more

As one of the all-in-one AI meeting assistants, Fellow gives equal importance to meeting preparation, engagement and follow-up. Its AI meeting agenda is designed to ensure that every meeting starts with clarity.

The tool will take cues from your meeting title, previous meeting notes and attendees to build a relevant structure with agenda items and suggested talking points. You can enter AI prompts to refine the outline and customize the tone of the meeting.

2. tl;dv

For: a fast and free way of recording meetings

Integrations: 5000+ integrated apps via Zapier

tl;dv is a free meeting recorder for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. It allows you to automatically or manually record as many meetings as you like.

You’ll receive the full recording right after finishing the call. Another cool feature of tl;dv is its GPT-powered AI note taker that summarizes key moments. You can share these highlights via the tool’s handy integrations by creating clips or adding timestamps.

A man holding a black smartphone showing the interface of Zoom meeting app.

3. Krisp

For: background noise cancellation

Integrations: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet

Krisp is one of the AI meeting assistants that offers voice clarity, which can make your call experience much more professional. No more disruptive background noise like a barking dog or crying child.

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Krisp can detect and exclude voices other than the primary speaker. It can also eliminate any background noise and acoustic echo from all sides of the call. Feel free to check how much noise the tool has canceled after you end your meeting.

4. Maestra

For: free live captioning, AI transcription

Integrations: Zoom

Need to live caption the meeting? Then Maestra’s web captioner is your go-to tool. Completely free for everyone and available in 125+ languages, it can generate accurate real-time captions in your browser as you speak.

What if you want to transcribe meetings with AI? Look no further than Maestra’s meeting transcription software which is super easy to use. Just upload the meeting, choose its language and convert video to text in seconds. Maestra has a very high accuracy rate but you can always edit the transcript afterwards with the tool’s built-in text editor.

Transcribe meetings using Maestra's AI transcription tool.

5. IBM Watson Speech to Text

For: creating and training custom language models

Integrations: direct API integration

Among the customizable AI meeting assistants, IBM Watson Speech to Text uses neural technologies for automatic speech recognition. It can be trained according to your unique accent and other specific audio characteristics.

The tool will identify your speech model while transcribing audio to text and improve its accuracy over time. It can also offer smart formatting in your meeting transcript by converting dates, times and other values into conventional forms.

6. Otter

For: extracting meeting takeaways

Integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Dropbox, Chrome extension

A popular AI assistant, Otter summarizes key takeaways from meeting notes, helping you retain the essential information. Its OtterPilot can be scheduled to auto-join Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams meetings and take notes when you’re running late.

Moreover, Otter AI can capture slides and add them to the notes in online meetings. The tool will automatically email the summary to participants after the meeting.

7. Fireflies.ai

For: AI-powered search, AskFred 

Integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and more

Fireflies.ai notetaker comes with a variety of useful features and smart search is only one of them. With it, you can search not only keywords but also themes, topics and even sentiments. You can even create your own custom topic trackers.

Furthermore, Fireflies makes it possible to use voice commands during the meeting to create tasks. Make sure you chat with AskFred (which can be described as ChatGPT for meetings) to find answers to your questions and more.

A man holding a black smartphone and using the voice command technology.

8. Rewatch

For: replaying meeting highlights

Integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zapier and more

As one of the multifaceted AI meeting assistants, Rewatch can be used for AI note taking, screen recording and organizing videos in a hub. The tool lets you watch the most important moments in a meeting and catch-up on what really matters.

Acting as a knowledge base, Rewatch’s central video hub is where you will quickly access all your virtual meeting videos. Plus, you can have keyword subscriptions and get notified when a keyword is mentioned in a video.

9. Avoma

For: conversation intelligence

Integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and more

Avoma is an AI software that analyzes conversations and provides aggregated insights so you can make most of your meetings. It can identify the talk time of each speaker as well as the most discussed topics.

You can use Avama to see what’s working (having interactions rather than monologues) and what’s not (too many filler words) in your conversations. Just set up scoring criteria for your meetings and then measure performance with those purpose-based scorecards.

10. Sembly

For: automated follow-ups

Integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zapier and more

Supporting 42 languages, Sembly can craft personalized emails you can send after the meeting. All you have to do is ask Semblian (think of it as Fireflies’ AskFred) and the AI assistant will generate an email based on the meeting context and agenda.

Semblian can also answer your questions about your meetings. Enter your prompt and it will list the main topics, challenges discussed, key ideas shared by each participant and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI meeting assistant?

There is no single best AI meeting assistant. You must take your needs, technical expertise and budget into account when selecting the right tool. Think about the size and nature of your meetings (Are they small and informal? Or are they large and structured?) before making your decision.

Can AI take meeting notes?

Sure, and it can go even further. Besides taking notes, AI meeting assistants can understand context, identify key points and categorize content based on themes. They can also analyze conversation patterns and make adjustments for balanced discussions.

How do I use ChatGPT for meeting minutes?

ChatGPT answered this question for us; let’s see what it said: “To use ChatGPT for meeting minutes, simply provide a concise summary of the key points discussed in the meeting. You can input the main agenda items, decisions made, and action items assigned, and ChatGPT will generate a coherent and detailed summary for your meeting minutes.”

What is the AI companion for Zoom meetings?

As one of the most popular AI meeting assistants out there, Zoom AI companion is available at no additional cost within a paid Zoom account. The virtual assistant can help you compose chat responses with the right tone, catch up with recaps and organize your ideas on a digital whiteboard.

Does Microsoft Teams have AI?

Yes, Copilot is the AI assistant for Microsoft Teams. You can use the tool to summarize main discussion points and suggest action items during the meeting. Furthermore, if you’re joining a recorded or transcribed meeting and are more than 5 minutes late, you’ll receive a notification to get a summary.


This blog presented a list of 10 best AI meeting assistants that can solve problems and make working lives smoother. It also delivered a mini guide on how to choose an AI meeting assistant by emphasizing the 5 qualities to consider: accuracy, compatibility, user-friendliness, security and customization.

What will the near future bring to AI meeting assistants? Ongoing advancements in natural language processing show us that our copilots will have better contextual understanding. It is very likely that we will see major advancements in sentiment analysis, customization options and the proactive assistance of conversational AI. Moreover, we can witness the integration of AI meeting assistants with immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The future is indeed full of possibilities.

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