How to Get a Spotify Podcast Transcript in 2024

  • 2024-04-16
  • Serra Ardem
How to Get a Spotify Podcast Transcript in 2024

Whether you’re a listener or creator, a Spotify podcast transcript can be a huge aid. Listeners can revisit details they might have missed, and creators can extend the reach of their message to a wider audience. (And these are just two of the many benefits.)

In this blog, we will:

  • Explain the transcription feature of Spotify for podcasts.
  • Share a step-by-step guide on how to transcribe Spotify podcasts with Maestra.
  • Highlight how you can find podcast transcripts on Spotify, and add one to your own podcast if you’re a creator. 

Let’s delve in.

What is Spotify’s transcription feature for podcasts?

Spotify’s transcription feature for podcasts offers a real-time, text-based version of the podcast episode you’re listening to. As of April 2024, it is only available for select podcasts on the platform. If you don’t see a transcript option, the feature might not be available for that specific podcast yet.

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Listeners can see auto-generated episode transcripts on the “Now Playing” view and the episode page in the Spotify mobile and desktop apps. While playing the episode, the transcript will scroll in sync with the audio, highlighting spoken words as they are said. This can be particularly useful if you’re in a noisy environment, multitasking, or have hearing difficulties.

Why should you transcribe a Spotify podcast?

What if there’s no transcript provided for the episode you’re listening to? You can always use an AI transcript generator to convert speech to text, which we will cover in the next section. First, let’s look at the three benefits of getting a Spotify podcast transcript.

  1. Improved comprehension: Reading along with the audio can help you focus more intently on the spoken words, leading to better information absorption.
  2. Accessibility: Transcripts make podcasts accessible to individuals deaf or hard of hearing, or who listen to them in a noisy environment.
  3. Easy referencing and sharing: Transcripts make it simple to find specific segments from the podcast (such as an inspiring quote) and share them on social media.

How to Transcribe a Spotify Podcast with Maestra

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get a Spotify podcast transcript is to use Maestra’s AI Podcast Transcript Generator. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. First, you need to get the audio recording of the podcast episode. There are several third party tools (like TuneFab and Sidify) to convert a Spotify podcast into an audio file. Make sure that the tool is reliable and produces a high-quality output for the most accurate transcription result.
  2. Upload the audio file to Maestra. Select the language of the episode among 125+ languages.
  3. Click “Submit”. Your Spotify podcast transcript will be ready in seconds.
  4. Export your transcript. Feel free to get it as a TXT, DOCX, PDF, SRT or VTT file.
The interface of Maestra's AI podcast transcript generator.

A few things to highlight:

  • Maestra’s transcription tool supports all audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, OPUS, WAV and WMA.
  • It has a high accuracy rate, but you can always use the built-in text editor to easily edit the transcript, and highlights or comments.
  • You can share the transcript with Maestra Teams, and work together on the document with collaborators.

In short, getting a Spotify podcast transcript with Maestra will not only save you valuable time, but also provide you with a high-quality resource to maximize the value of the podcast. 

How to View a Spotify Podcast Transcript (Mobile and Desktop)

Now let’s move on to how you can view a Spotify podcast transcript on the platform.

As we’ve mentioned before, Spotify offers automatic transcripts for a selection of podcasts. Follow these steps to see if there’s a transcript of the episode you’re listening to:

Finding Podcast Transcripts on Spotify Mobile App

  1. Start playing the episode.
  2. In the “Now Playing” view or on the episode page, scroll down to locate the transcript.
  3. Tap the transcript to expand it and follow along audio with text.
How to find a Spotify podcast transcript on the mobile app.

Cool feature: You can easily share a snippet from the transcript on your social media. Just tap the sharing icon (arrow) in the bottom right corner and then select the part of the text you want to share. Follow the prompts on your chosen platform as the final step.

Finding Podcast Transcripts on Spotify Desktop App

  1. Click on the episode.
  2. Activate the “Now Playing” view from the bottom right menu.
  3. You will see the episode information on the right side of your screen. Scroll down the sidebar to see if there’s a transcript provided for the episode.
How to access a Spotify podcast transcript on desktop.

How to Add a Transcript to a Spotify Podcast

If you’re a creator, we recommend you to first check whether Spotify provides podcast transcripts for your episodes. To do so:

  1. Log in to Spotify for Podcasters on the web.
  2. Click “Episodes” on the left side menu.
  3. Choose an episode and click “Details”.
  4. You will see the preview of the episode. Check beneath to see if there’s a “Transcripts” option. Click “View”.

Important: As of April 2024, Spotify for Podcasters mobile app doesn’t offer this service.

The homepage of Spotify for Podcasters.

Can’t find a transcript? Don’t worry; you can always use Maestra to convert your podcast to text instantly (see instructions above), and then add it to your desired platforms.

  • The best way is to upload the Spotify podcast transcript to your website or blog, and add a link to it in the episode description. Make sure you write a clear and compelling call to action, which will direct listeners to the transcript.
  • You can’t add the whole transcript to the episode description due to the character limit. However, it will be helpful to highlight the key points and topics covered in the episode when writing the description.
  • Some podcast hosting platforms like Buzzsprout allow you to upload transcripts alongside your audio.

5 Best Practices for Transcribing Spotify Podcasts

Turning a Spotify podcast into a transcript will not only boost accessibility, but also improve discoverability on search engines and enable you to repurpose content for other platforms. Here are 5 tips so you can make the most of your podcast transcription process.

Mind Audio Quality

High-quality audio is the foundation of a great Spotify podcast transcript. It will ensure the software can clearly capture the spoken words, minimizing the need for time-consuming edits. If you have to use a lower quality audio file, consider adopting a free noise reduction tool like Adobe Podcast AI to clean up audio.

Edit for Readability

Transcripts should be easy to follow along. When editing, break down long sections into digestible paragraphs for better readability. Plus, don’t forget to remove filler words like “um” and “like” as these can be distracting too.

The Spotify icon on a keyboard.

Utilize Timestamps

Timestamps are a reader’s best friend. They will help you easily navigate the transcript and find specific parts of the conversation. This is especially valuable for long episodes, enabling listeners to jump directly into their area of interest.

Identify Speakers

By identifying speakers, you can transform a transcript from a confusing document into a well-organized representation of the conversation. Choosing an AI podcast transcript generator like Maestra, which comes with both speaker identification and timestamps, will ensure a much more enjoyable reading experience. The tool will automatically detect different speakers and assign numbers, which you can always change to names.

Double Check for Accuracy

Typos or grammatical errors can create confusion. If you’re going to use an automatic transcript generator, make sure it has a high accuracy rate. Proofread the text, and pay close attention to proper names and technical terms. You can also print the transcript, as switching from screen to paper can give your eyes a break and help you spot errors more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spotify have subtitles for podcasts?

As of April 2024, Spotify doesn’t offer built-in subtitles or captions for podcasts. However, some Spotify podcasts come with transcripts. Additionally, some creators add a link to the Spotify podcast transcript in the episode description so listeners can read along.

Which podcast app has transcripts?

Apple now offers transcripts for Apple Podcasts. As the tech giant highlights, users can read the full text of an episode, and search the episode for a word or phrase they’re looking for. However, keep in mind that transcripts for Apple Podcasts are currently available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Is Spotify a good podcast host?

Spotify’s podcast hosting (formerly known as Anchor) can be a good choice depending on your needs. Its user-friendliness makes it great for beginners who are just starting out with podcasting. However, you can consider other options if you’re seeking advanced analytics, detailed audience demographics, and in-depth customization options.

Is Spotify for Podcasters free?

Yes, Spotify for Podcasters is free. It offers features like recording, editing, distribution to multiple platforms, and basic analytics like listening time and popular episodes. The platform also offers monetization options based on your location and audience size.

Can I get an RSS feed from Spotify?

Spotify doesn’t provide RSS feeds for listening to content directly on the platform. However, you can get your RSS feed if you’re a creator hosting a podcast with Spotify. Feel free to check the instructions for more information.


This blog explored Spotify’s podcast transcription feature, and focused on how users can access a Spotify podcast transcript on the platform. Remember; the platform’s automatic transcription feature only works for a select number of podcasts, but you can always find your way around. Just resort to Maestra’s AI podcast transcript generator to convert audio into text in seconds.

The speech recognition technology develops rapidly, making podcasts more accessible, discoverable and interactive for listeners. It can pave the way for new features on Spotify, like the ability to search within a podcast episode for specific keywords or phrases. With these possible advancements, the future of Spotify podcasts is bright.

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