How to Disable Live Captions on Google Chrome and Android Phones

Can Goren
Jun 5, 2023
How to Turn Off Live Captions on Chrome and Android
How to Turn Off Live Captions on Chrome and Android

Live captioning is a great feature that represents spoken words as text on screens. It improves accessibility for the person who generates captions and the audience.

However, there are a few reasons why one might want to turn off live caption, so let's quickly see how you can turn off live caption on Chrome and Android.

How to Turn Off the Live Caption Feature on Google Chrome

Step 1: Click the 3 dots on the upper right corner of Google Chrome.

Learn how to turn off live caption within seconds.

Step 2: Click "Settings" to open Chrome settings.

Quick guide on learning how to turn off live caption on Chrome.

Step 3: Click "Accessibility" which is located on the left side of the screen.

Quickly disable live caption on google chrome.

Step 4: Turn off the "Live Caption" setting by clicking it off.

Turn off live caption on Chrome through settings.

Congratulations, you have learned how to turn off live caption on Google Chrome. Now, you can turn it on and off whenever you want.

How to Disable the Live Caption Feature on Android Phones

Step 1: Tap the "Volume Up" or "Volume Down" buttons on the side of your phone.

Step 2: Click the " Three Dots" to expand.

Turn off live caption on Android through the volume slider.

Step 3: On the upper left side of the pop-up screen, click the icon that looks like a mini screen.

Disable live caption on Androdi phone with the volume shortcuts.

Pressing this button will enable and disable the live caption feature on Android phones.

Alternative Way to Disable Live Caption on an Android Phone: Go to "Settings", then "Hearing Enhancements". In this section, you can disable live captions or turn it on.

What is Live Captioning and Why Use It?

Live captioning, also known as real-time captioning, is a powerful tool that provides real-time text display of spoken words during live events, presentations, videos, and other forms of media.

Accessibility is essential and has a great impact on any kind of content. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to make information more accessible to a broader audience.

  1. Enhanced Accessibility

    One of the primary reasons why live captioning is important is its ability to enhance accessibility. It provides a valuable service for individuals with hearing impairments, enabling them to fully participate and engage in various events, whether they are in-person or online.

    Live captions act as a bridge, ensuring that the spoken content is accessible to those who may not be able to hear it.

    Moreover, live captioning benefits not only individuals with hearing impairments but also those who are non-native speakers, have difficulty processing auditory information, or are in environments where audio cannot be heard clearly.

    By providing real-time text, live captioning ensures that everyone can comprehend and engage with the content effectively.

  2. Inclusive Communication

    Inclusion is a crucial aspect of any society or community. Live captioning plays a significant role in fostering inclusive communication by breaking down communication barriers.

    It allows individuals with hearing impairments to actively participate in conversations, presentations, and events, promoting equal opportunities for engagement and interaction.

    In addition, live captioning helps individuals with hearing impairments to access educational resources, webinars, and training sessions, enabling them to pursue personal growth and professional development on an equal footing with others.

    By using live captioning, organizations and institutions can create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute and benefit from the exchange of ideas.

  3. Accuracy and Clarity

    Live captioning utilizes cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals to provide accurate and clear captions in real time.

    The advancements in automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology have significantly improved the accuracy of live captions, minimizing errors and providing a more reliable representation of the spoken content.

    Accurate and clear captions are essential for effective communication. They help viewers better understand the context, nuances, and specific details of the content being presented.

    Live captioning ensures that important information is not missed or misinterpreted, allowing individuals to follow along with the speaker or presenter seamlessly.

  4. Multilingual Capabilities

    Another advantage of live captioning is its multilingual capabilities. With the ability to provide real-time translations, live captioning allows individuals who speak different languages to access and understand the content.

    It eliminates language barriers and fosters cross-cultural communication and exchange of ideas.

    By using live captioning, organizations can reach a global audience, expand their reach, and engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

    This feature is particularly beneficial for international conferences, webinars, and online events where participants may come from various linguistic backgrounds.

Live Captioning for Free

Whether you are an event organizer, content creator, educator, or an individual seeking to make your content accessible to a wider audience, embracing live captioning is a significant step toward inclusivity and effective communication.

Live captioning with Maestra is completely free and does not require an account. You can use Maestra's live caption tool to benefit from real-time captioning in multiple languages.

Maestra's advanced AI tools can automatically generate captions in 80+ languages, create AI voiceovers with a diverse voice portfolio and transcribe audio files within seconds.


How do I turn off live captions on my Samsung phone?

You can turn off live captions on your Samsung phone by going to the settings page, then "Hearing Enhancements". There, you can turn off live caption.

How do I turn on live captions on Android?

You can quickly turn on live captions through the volume section, or go to the "Hearing Enhancements" page in settings to enable Android live caption.

What is live caption Android?

Live captioning is a way to transcribe speech to text in the moment. It is used to automatically transcribe meetings, lectures, video or audio files. Android phones have a live caption feature that can be used to caption speech into text as it is happening.

How do I turn on live captions in Chrome?

You can turn on live caption in Chrome by to the "Accessibility" page in the "Settings" section. Here, you can enable or disable live caption on Google Chrome browser.

Why is live caption on?

The live caption setting can be automatically enabled by the program you are using. Through our guide, you can quickly disable live captions on your Android through the phone accessibility settings. Or you can disable it on Google Chrome through the settings page.

Can Goren
Jun 5, 2023

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