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Instead of spending hours creating subtitles for videos, get subtitles automatically, quickly proofread them, and finish your work in half the time. Upload your file now to see the generated subtitles within seconds!

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What is a CAT tool?

CAT stands for computer assisted translation. A CAT tool is software used to automate the translation process. This kind of software is an impeccable way to produce accurate translations with little to no effort.

Features CAT Tools have help translators perfect their projects by letting them spend valuable time refining the document rather than time-consuming translating.

Manage translation projects by focusing on what's important. A translator no longer has to work extra hours for project management. Improve quality and productivity with the best project management features.

Computer Assisted Translation Process

The translation process can take any amount of time depending on the size of the file. A project that would take days, even weeks will now take you a few hours to complete with Maestra's cloud based CAT tool. Get high quality translations done quickly and deliver accurate translation work!

Freelance translators, project managers or individual translators who would like to increase their productivity can benefit from Maestra's CAT tool.

Add subtitles to video or audio files with a single click, edit any part of the content to shape it the way you need.

Features of CAT Tools

Quality Assurance

As we often see in the translation industry, quality assurance or QA is a big part of the translation process. Spellchecks, finding missing text and preventing random errors are all part of quality assurance.

Errors occur in translation. Translating thousands of words can be very tiring and a few errors might slip. Translators should be confident in the consistency of Maestra's CAT tool. The idea isn't to create the perfect document with a single click. It is to reduce the effort you put into manual translation and increase the amount of time you put into perfecting the project.

The best CAT tools translate entire texts in a matter of seconds. Large multilingual documents are not a problem for the most well known CAT tools. Maestra's CAT tool can do all of them, it is easy to use and free to try.


Translation software that uses artificial intelligence also comes in handy here because every day the machine learns, the better the subtitles become.

We can confidently say that today, computer assisted translation is at a good place. So you can confidently use Maestra's subtitling software to complete even the most complex translation projects.

Edit subtitles to perfect your project. Maestra's interface is designed to be simple yet advanced.

Create accurate subtitles with great speed and consistency.

Machine Translation

Machine translation uses AI to translate video or audio files into text. CAT tools save an incredible amount of time compared to manual translation.

Transcription will automatically begin after you upload the file into Maestra's online client.

After a few minutes, all of the files will be transcripted and you will proceed to the editing page.

Neural Network AI

Subtitling with Maestra's CAT tool is complete within minutes. The neural network AI transcribes in a few minutes after you upload your file.

Computer aided translation is a much better alternative than a human translator who has to work hours on a file that would otherwise take a translation software a few minutes to translate.

Translation in any context can be extremely tedious even when done in a group environment. Translating is now only a matter of minutes, waiting to be perfected in the editing.

Collaborative Editing

Maestra has a built-in subtitle editor that will allow you to edit the files collaboratively with your colleagues. If you are a manager, it is easy to supervise the projects using our collaborative editor.

Sharing information and insight to achieve the ideal result for your translations can be done through collaborative work.

Many translation projects, especially localization work needs a collaborative environment to get the best result. In Maestra's online client, translators can easily collaborate on translation work to share ideas and give feedback.

Benefits of Maestra CAT Tool


Compared to manually translating, computer assisted translation tools save a lot of time. We no longer have to waste hours of our day to translate a moderately big file. Instead, we can use that time to focus on editing and achieving accuracy. This improves the quality of work and increases the volume of work translators can do in the same amount of time.

Time is of the essence, especially because productivity is an important part of translation. Translators can use Maestra's translation software to focus on the accuracy of their work and get more work done in less time.

Easy to Use

Most CAT tools aren't better than manual translation. Maestra's CAT tool allows you to complete your translation projects in no time, thanks to a simple interface where every tool you need is adjacent.

Translation tools can be difficult to use. Not everyone can get the hang of such software with ease. But Maestra's CAT tool is designed to be easy for everyone!

After a few minutes of observing the interface, everybody can understand how to use all the tools to deliver high-quality projects.

Many Languages in One CAT Tool

If you need to translate more than one language, usually more than one translator is needed. With Maestra's CAT tool, you can translate to more than 80 languages. You do not search for the translator of a specific language every time you need a translation.

Maestra's CAT tool can handle your translation projects much faster than human translation, including more options and tools that are more advanced.

Efficient Machine Translation

With machine translation efficiency and productivity is a given, Maestra's subtitling software allows efficient work that saves time and resources.

Maestra's subtitling software allows you to efficiently create subtitles in minutes and export in any format you like, all in the same interface.

It isn't just easy to create subtitles with CAT tools, it is also cost-efficient. You simply use less time and resources to complete more work.

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Industry-Leading Technology

Among many CAT tools, Maestra's computer assisted translation software delivers high-quality work in no time. The benefit of translation when using a CAT tool is that it only gets better with time. And it is in a great place today.

The accuracy of translations is top-notch. After you successfully create subtitles with a simple click, editing subtitles is even easier because of a simple interface that is easily usable by everyone, even for someone who hasn't worked on similar software.

With the assistance of Maestra's up to date subtitling software, creating and adding subtitles to video or audio files has never been easier.

Accurate translations and rapid transcriptions can help with the localization process because then the most important job of the translator is to localize the context of the content.

Maestra makes "subtitling" fast and simple.


Easy to use subtitle editor

CAT tools aren't always too easy to use. Maestra's CAT tool will automatically transcribe your files after you upload them to our online client. Then, our subtitling software will automatically add them for you to edit.

  • Translated segments can be changed and shaped the way you want by deleting or merging the lines and changing the timecodes.
  • Export in SRT, VTT, SCC, STL, CAP, Avid DS
Maestra’s subtitle generator interface allows you to add subtitles to video

In general, CAT tools offer consistent work and we are confident in the accuracy of our subtitling software. Even though the artificial intelligence delivers, some work needs specific adjustments. This is where our advanced editing tool comes in handy, you can change every subtitle the machine translation created to complete your work the way you want. Then, exporting is just as easy, in any format you need.

Maestra Teams

Create Team-based channels with view and edit level permissions for your entire team & company. Collaborate and edit shared files with your colleagues in real-time.

Maestra teams collaboration tools

Collaborate and edit subtitles

Maestra's allows you to edit and share the auto generated and translated subtitles in a collaborative environment.


Shared accounts

Access and share your account on multiple devices and with multiple people.


Process is completely automated and secure. Check our security page for more!

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