6 Ways to Repurpose Video Content

Rashida Beal
Jan 3, 2023
6 Ways to Repurpose Video Content
6 Ways to Repurpose Video Content

No matter if video making is a passion or profession for you, there are times when you may to repurpose your pre-existing content. Repurposing content is not new and is used frequently by many influencers, businesses, corporations, and tv/film social media accounts.

You can make great use of your video content by repurposing it in both creative and meaningful ways, while still creating a new piece of content.

Content repurposing can be a key part of any marketing or social media strategy. Read on to learn some different ways to do it.

Why Repurpose Video Content?

There are 3 main reasons to repurpose video content. These 3 reasons keep your target audience and intentions in mind, while still expanding your outreach.

Save Time on Content Planning/ Creation

Repurposing your videos can be a major time saver. Creating new content is an arduous process, and certain types can take an extremely long time to plan and create from scratch.

Breaking up long videos into smaller chunks can save you effort in creating an entirely new piece of content that may fill a similar purpose.

For example, take a section of a video that you have, add subtitles to it, and then post it onto your Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories.

With tools like Maestra’s Audio Subtitle Generator, you can save time and energy by adding subtitles to your existing video and have it ready to post to your social media channels in just a few minutes.

Reach More of Your Audience

Not all of your audience will be only on one platform. If you only make and post content on one or two channels, you may be missing out on relevant audiences. By repurposing video content into other media forms, you can post tailored content to all your key channels.

Using these snippets of clips can serve as a great video marketing tool. Send video ads to your different channels to promote your main channels or original piece of content.

Not only is this great for businesses, but this strategy can also help content creators. It is a great way to attract an audience if you make YouTube videos or become a vlog/blogger.

Consistent Brand Image

By repurposing your blog content, you can also share a consistent message across all of your social media platforms.

Consistency is key in all forms of content creation and creates a connection between you and your audience. It ensures they recognize your brand on any platform and helps establish credibility.

How often you should post varies, but it depends on the amount of content you are investing in, the channels you are populating, and what you intend the purpose of your content to be.

How to Repurpose Video Content

These 6 popular ways to repurpose your video content are certainly worth including in your content strategy:

Convert into Social Media Videos

You can turn any video you have into a social media video simply by sharing the same content in multiple places (of course depending on the time limit, size file, platform, etc.). This may require you to adjust the aspect ratio for some platforms.

For example, you can easily take a TikTok and turn it into an Instagram Reel, Instagram Story highlight, YouTube Short, or simply post it to your Twitter timeline. Most social platforms add a watermark to video content, so download it without the watermark if you plan to post it on other channels.

If you initially created a longer video to live on YouTube, then you can trim it into shorter segments and use those for several social media posts. Short videos are even easier to transform into popular posts for several social media channels.

Another technique you can use, depending on the kind of content you create, is to turn an explainer video into a silent, fast-paced video. The new video follows the same steps, but is shorter and without audio.

Create Video Ads

As already discussed, it is easy to convert long videos into social media video ads. This saves you a lot of time creating new videos for ads.

Video ads can be compilations of moments from pre-existing content or a small clip from a particular piece of content to attract folks. If doing this, a good strategy is to choose a moment that is either funny or emotional to pull an audience in. Don’t forget to use a tool such as Maestra’s subtitle generator to assist in making content easy to understand and accessible.

Upload on Multiple Channels

If you have a YouTube page or are a rising TikTok star, using videos that are easy to post to multiple channels can be beneficial.

Therefore, plan for several channels when you create the video. Keep length restrictions and performance tips in mind.

For example, you can use a YouTube video in a landing page to help draw an audience in. You can also include videos from other channels within blogs, on your website homepage, etc.

Turn it Into a Blog

You can also turn your videos into blog posts. After transcribing the video, it’s very easy to edit the transcription into a blog. The good news about this is that you don’t even have to transcribe your video audio on your own!

Maestra’s video-to-text converter makes a transcript of your video’s audio that is easily downloadable and shareable.

This strategy works really well for explainer videos (walkthroughs and demos), vlogs that share stories that are engaging, and reviews for other properties (books, TV shows, movies, etc.)

Make a Podcast

Podcasts are some of the easiest content to both create and repurpose, especially if you already have videos to work from.

If you already have a video (or video series) you can easily edit them into a podcast that uses video or only audio. It’s a very simple way to reuse your video content and is especially useful for longer-form video content.

Turning your video into a podcast is a great way to reach podcast listeners and promote your brand on a huge platform.

Turn it Into Non-Video Social Media Posts

Maestra’s video-to-text converter can also be used for specific sections of video as well as the full video.

It is easy to transcribe your YouTube videos and then turn the transcription into text content for LinkedIn or Twitter. The transcription sections can be cut down and used as other social media posts.

You could also take quotes that stand out from the transcription and turn them into social media graphics. Overlay the quote (a statistic, fact, powerful insight, etc) on a branded image and post to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.


From one video, you can create several different types of content. By repurposing your video content, into high-quality content, you can generate posts for several social media channels and marketing purposes. This is the best way to save time on content creation and content marketing and it helps you make the most of the videos you spent time making.

Maestra makes it easy for you to repurpose your content in a creative way.

The multiple video-to-text and subtitle tools that Maestra provides actively work to make your life easier and your content creation and sharing experience as seamless as possible.

If you are considering content creation or want to learn more about transcription, audio subtitle making, or other tips about content making, check out Maestra today!

Rashida Beal
Jan 3, 2023

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