Top 8 Podcast Trends of 2024 & 5 Predictions for 2025

  • 2024-06-07
  • Serra Ardem
Top 8 Podcast Trends of 2024 & 5 Predictions for 2025

The podcasting world brings new opportunities and challenges every day. For content creators, the key to success lies at the intersection of following latest podcast trends and adapting to changes. From utilizing artificial intelligence to discovering new monetization options, podcast trends can transform the way you create and deliver content.

In this blog, we will:

  • Share podcast statistics from 2024
  • List 8 major podcast trends of 2024 and how to apply them with actionable tips
  • Highlight 5 emerging podcast trends for 2025 and how to jump on the bandwagon

Let’s get started.

Podcast Industry in 2024: Facts & Figures

First things first: Before we delve into the podcast trends of 2024, we will take a look at the current state of the industry and highlight significant podcast stats.

According to Stripped Media’s 2024 – Podcasting Trends Report:

  • 56.9% of listeners consume podcasts daily
  • The most listened genre is Entertainment & Pop Culture followed by News & Politics, Technology, True Crime, and History.
  • 50.4% of podcast listeners prefer 30-60 minute long episodes.
  • 83.7% listen to podcasts for joy and entertainment while 68.3% consume podcasts to educate themselves.
  • Top five podcast platforms are Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube (surprise!), Pocket Casts, and Google Podcasts.
  • Audio quality is the primary concern for the podcast community, followed by the importance of diversity in podcast content.
  • In case of monetization models, Premium content and subscription models emerge as sustainable revenue streams for creators.

These listener habits and preferences can help creators understand the podcasting ecosystem better so they can make informed decisions when growing their audience.

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Top Podcast Trends of 2024

Now we can move on to current podcast trends for 2024, which shape and innovate the podcasting experience for both creators and listeners. These trends range from production techniques to ad revenue methods, ensuring there’s something for everyone in the colorful world of podcasts.

1. Video Podcasting

Yes, video podcasts are here to stay. Listeners are increasingly seeking out this content form that offers the visual element alongside the audio. This allows for richer storytelling and connecting with the audience on a deeper level. Moreover, video podcasts are easily discoverable on platforms like YouTube, which has a massive user base compared to even the biggest podcast apps.

How to embrace this trend:

  • Start simple, and don’t overwhelm yourself with a full studio setup. Utilize video software like Riverside, which can provide high-quality audio recordings and integrate with your workflow.
  • Even with video, clear audio remains paramount. Upgrade your microphone and ensure proper soundproofing for a professional listening experience.
  • Think strategically about how visuals can enhance your audio content. Use visuals to illustrate main points, and showcase products or processes.

2. AI Integration

Thanks to the rise of AI-powered tools, podcasters can now automate repetitive tasks and focus on what really matters: creating quality content. AI can analyze your podcast’s topic and recommend royalty-free music, generate custom intros and outros with your voice, and summarize key points of an episode in seconds. These are just a few of its transformative capabilities.

How to embrace this trend:

  • Research and experiment with different AI tools to find ones that suit your style and budget. Podcastle and Podbean are two popular options.
  • Leverage AI podcast transcription to save significant time. You can then use the transcript for identifying key points.
  • AI is powerful, but not perfect. Always review AI-generated content to maintain accuracy and your podcast’s unique voice.
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3. Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) is a game changer for audiences, podcasters and advertisers. It uses data like listener location, demographics, and even the listening history to deliver targeted, relevant ads. Moreover, these ads can be moved around the episode or deleted over time. Keep in mind that utilizing DAI requires a hosting platform that supports the technology.

How to embrace this trend:

  • The power of DAI lies in targeting. Analyze your listener demographics and content themes to understand what types of ads might resonate with your audience.
  • Set clear guidelines for the types of ads you’re willing to accept. This ensures your brand image is protected.
  • Don’t overwhelm your listeners with ads right away. Begin with a few DAI placements strategically placed within your episodes.

4. Live Podcasting

Among the hottest podcast trends, live podcasting offers an interactive experience for both listeners and hosts. It has the potential for unexpected moments that can keep audiences hooked. Additionally, responding to listeners’ comments and addressing their questions live can foster a sense of community and loyalty.

How to embrace this trend:

  • While live streams thrive on spontaneity, some level of preparation is crucial. Plan out the flow of your live episode and have discussion topics ready.
  • Make sure you have the necessary equipment and a reliable internet connection to deliver a smooth stream. Thoroughly test them all before going live.
  • Decide on how you will interact with your audience during the live show. Encourage questions and comments beforehand to keep them engaged throughout the stream.
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5. Short-Form Content

It’s no wonder TikTok videos and Instagram Reels thrive nowadays as our attention spans are shorter and audiences crave easily digestible content. Repurposing your podcast into engaging snippets can allow you to tap into a whole new audience who might not have discovered your show otherwise. This can significantly boost your visibility and drive new listeners to your full episodes.

How to embrace this trend:

  • Not all parts of your podcast episode will translate well to short-form content. Choose segments with high-energy moments, interesting facts, or thought-provoking questions to grab attention in a short timeframe.
  • Tailor your repurposed content to the specific requirements of each social media platform. Consider aspects like video length, caption styles, and trending hashtags to maximize impact.
  • Tell your viewers what you want them to do next. A clear call to action at the end of your short-form content can drive traffic back to your podcast.

6. Podcast Events

As one of the podcast trends that help creators build genuine connections, podcast events can come in various forms. They involve fan meet-ups, panel discussions, talks with industry experts, and interactive workshops. By enhancing community engagement and offering networking opportunities, they are becoming a crucial part of the industry’s ecosystem.

How to embrace this trend:

  • For your first event, focus on a manageable format and audience size. You can build upon your success in future meetings.
  • Secure the right venue. Choose a location that can accommodate the expected number of attendees, has the necessary audio/visual equipment, and aligns with your budget.
  • Prioritize attendee experience. Effective communication, a well-organized schedule, and a welcoming atmosphere are crucial for creating a memorable day.

7. Niche Content

Today, listeners are hungry for content that caters to their specific interests, going beyond the general topics covered by mainstream media. That’s why niche podcasts are attracting listeners who are highly eager to learn more about their hobbies. This loyalty translates into consistent downloads and a dedicated fanbase.

How to embrace this trend:

  • Select a topic you’re genuinely enthusiastic about. Your passion will resonate with your audience and draw in like-minded listeners.
  • Don’t be afraid to get specific. For example, instead of a general history podcast, target a specific period of time or region.
  • Become a source of reliable information within your niche. Conduct research, interview relevant guests, and provide valuable insights to your audience.
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8. Accessibility

It’s so great to see that podcast creators are increasingly recognizing the importance of making their content available to a wider audience. We believe that accessibility should be a permanent commitment, ensuring everyone can enjoy the rich world of podcasts. This is not only the right thing to do, but also a powerful way to grow a podcast’s impact.

How to improve accessibility:

  • Provide transcripts for all your episodes so your audience can easily follow along with the content. You can use Maestra’s AI podcast transcription service to convert your podcast episode to text instantly and include everyone in the conversation.
  • Include closed captions if you’re creating video podcasts. This caters to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals as well as those who might be listening to the content in a noisy environment.
  • For live podcasts, explore live captioning options that offer downloadable transcripts after the stream. Announce caption availability beforehand on your podcast website, social media posts, and at the beginning of your live stream.

Emerging Podcast Trends for 2025

Before we conclude our blog, we want to pay attention to what the future holds for the podcasting industry. Here’s a glimpse into 5 podcast trends that can shape the landscape in the coming year:


According to Spotify’s 2024 Podcast Trends Tour report, “sixty-three percent of people asked said they trust their favorite podcast host more than their favorite social media influencer.”  This data indicates that listeners will turn to these reliable voices for recommendations and insights, blurring the line between entertainment and advertising. Meanwhile, brands will increasingly collaborate with podfluencers to promote products in a more organic way.

Jump on the bandwagon: The core of being a podfluencer is having a loyal listener base. Focus on creating high-quality content for a specific niche, be consistent with your upload schedule, and interact with your audience regularly. 

Immersive Soundscapes

Imagine being transported to the heart of a bustling city or a tranquil rainforest, all through your headphones. Technological advancements will enable creators to craft 3D soundscapes that place listeners directly in the action. As one of the most transformative podcast trends, this experience will revolutionize storytelling, making all kinds of podcasts more engaging and lifelike.

Jump on the bandwagon: While there might be a few years for the widespread adoption of 3D audio, using a binaural microphone can give your podcast a head start in creating immersive audio experiences.

An illustration of 3D soundscapes, representing one of the emerging podcast trends for 2025.

Alternative Monetization Methods

Podcast advertising and sponsorships will remain important, but creators will also have a wider range of tools to generate revenue. Subscription models with exclusive content and bonus features are already gaining traction. Additionally, platforms might introduce features like micropayments or virtual tipping, allowing listeners to directly support their favorite shows.

Jump on the bandwagon: Offer premium content tiers through platforms like Patreon, or create high-quality podcast merchandise with your logo or catchphrases.


Edutainment, where educating content is blended with entertaining elements, is on the rise. Making learning fun, these types of podcasts cover everything from history and science to personal development and cultural insights. Bite-sized content chunks and interactive elements like quizzes and polls are an essential part of edutainment, especially for younger listeners.

Jump on the bandwagon: Facts and figures can be dry, so weave them into compelling narratives, like telling a thrilling story that brings information to life.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Here is another data from Spotify’s 2024 Podcast Trends Tour report: “Global search for ‘meditation’ podcast content are up +15% since Q4 2023, reflecting a continued desire to focus on mental health and embrace overall well-being.” In 2025, listeners can turn even more to these shows for guidance on managing stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. As one of the most promising podcast trends, this reflects a growing recognition of the importance of holistic wellbeing.

Jump on the bandwagon: Invite mental health professionals to offer their expertise and validated strategies, but also share real life stories (if comfortable) to provide a relatable perspective.

Concept art of the idea of the brain and psychology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How popular are podcasts in 2024?

As of June 2024, according to Statista, there are 504.9 million podcasts listeners worldwide. This number has steadily increased since 2021, and is predicted to rise even further. Meanwhile, Spotify states that there are over 6 million podcasts titles on the platform, indicating there’s a podcast on virtually any topic you can imagine.

Is it worth starting a podcast in 2024?

Yes! Compared to other media, podcasting is affordable and accessible. There are tons of podcasts out there, but that also means there’s room for more. With a unique concept and passionate delivery, you can delve into your niche and build a dedicated audience over time. Make sure you follow the latest podcast trends to stay relevant in this dynamic industry.

How can podcasts be used for marketing?

Branded podcasts are great for marketing purposes. They allow companies to tell their story in a compelling way and showcase thought leadership. Some great examples are Journey to Zero Hunger by PepsiCo, Overheard by National Geographic, and Shopify Masters by Shopify.

What are the statistics about podcast advertising?

According to Statista, the podcast advertising market worldwide is expected to exhibit a steady annual growth rate of 7.76%. This growth is attributed to the increasing number of users, which is expected to reach 616.5m people by 2027. Globally, the USA is predicted to generate the highest revenue in the podcast advertising market.


This blog provided statistical information on the current state of the podcast industry, and listed 8 major podcast trends that shape this specific media type. It also shared 5 emerging podcast trends for 2025, and how to leverage them for future success.

In upcoming years, it seems like niche channels, immersive experiences, and new monetization methods will play a vital role in a podcast’s success. However, one must always remember that trends come and go, and quality content remains essential. That’s why you should always prioritize authenticity and connection, ensuring your podcast stands the test of time.

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