Editing Transcriptions with Maestra

Now that the transcription is done, you can start editing the transcription to achieve the outcome you desire. The editing interface is pretty straightforward, on the right side we can see the functions.

Search and Replace: This is a standard “Search and Replace” function. For example, if we write “was” to the first box, and “were” to the second box and click “Replace All”, every “was” in the text would be replaced with “were”. This also allows you to search for any specific word and replace a single one.

Below the Search and Replace function, there are a few options as to how we can change the text. In order, you can make the text bold, italic, you can underline the text, strikethrough it or highlight it. And if you did not like the changes you have made to the text, click “Revert to Original” to undo all of the changes.

Also, users can take notes in the “Notes” section, located below the “Revert to Original” button to remind themselves or their colleagues about important details about the file.

On the upper left corner of the screen, the “Help” button shows the shortcuts for using Maestra’s transcription editor. From making the text bold to using the player, you can find every shortcut there is to make your job easier.

In the player section that is located above the text, users can choose how fast or how slow the file plays. You can also fast forward or rewind the file.

As the video plays, the text follows the video. Also if the user selects a part of the text, the video is automatically forwarded to that part.

Above the text, you can see timecodes and the names of the speakers. You can change the names of the speakers or choose from existing speakers in the file.

On the upper right corner of the screen, you can share the file with your colleagues through e-mail to view it or edit it together.

When the editing is done, click “Export” to export the file as a text file, a Microsoft Word document or a PDF. You can also choose to include timestamps or speaker names as you export. For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the question mark located in the lower right corner of the screen, which is the “Support” button.

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