Collaborate Using Maestra Teams Tool

Maestra’s Teams tool is designed to help multiple people work on projects together. Managers can create channels and control members’ permissions to supervise the projects. The “Teams” button is located on the lower-left corner of the screen and the image above shows what you will encounter when you click it, which is the dashboard. Here, users can see their channels, their team, how many minutes are left, and recently edited files. One thing to inform you is that members will have the same amount of minutes as the creator of the team once they join.

The Manage Team & Channels section helps you to manage the team. You can change the team name and its logo, create channels and edit permissions.

By creating the “+” symbol on the right side, you can create a channel and name it. You can always change the name or the logo after.

Then when you click the “Members” button, which is the one that says “2 Members” on the image above, you will be able to change permissions, kick or reinvite the members.

As you can see, there are 3 available permissions. “View only” only lets the member view the files, “Edit” only lets them edit the files, and “Edit & Export” lets them edit and export the files as they wish.

If you click the blue box on the left side of the member, the member will be removed from the team. If you click it again, they will be added.

Also, on the right side of each channel, there are 2 buttons. The red one removes the channel, and the other one is for renaming the channel.

The "Manage Members" section allows a simpler approach to managing members.

Once you click the button on the right of each member, which is the “2 Channels” button on the image above, you can edit their permissions and which channel they are allowed, or kick them.

If you click the “+” button, you can always invite new members through their mail addresses and grow your team.

The channels you create will appear under “Current Channels“, which is located in the top left corner. Here, I named the channels to represent the permissions given to the members.

When members enter these channels, they will be limited to their designated permissions which can be changed at any point. If you have any more questions about our Teams tools, feel free to contact us through the “?” button on the lower right corner, which is our support button.

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