Uploading a File to Subtitle

After logging in to their accounts, users will see this window. On the upper left corner, you can select “Subtitle” to go to the “Subtitles” section. Then, click “New Subtitle” on the upper right corner of their screen to start uploading.

This window will pop up, showing you different ways to upload a file to Maestra’s cloud. As you can see in the picture above, users can upload from Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, they can use a link, for example a Youtube link, and of course they can directly upload from their devices. Alternatively, you can drag a file into this window to start uploading the file.

Then you need to select the original language of the file and the language you wish to translate to. Using a custom dictionary is available, click here to learn more about our custom dictionary tool. Or you can upload your own subtitles if you choose to do so.

This window will show us the progress of the upload. If we know how many speakers there are in the file, choosing the correct number can help the software detect each voice. If you wish, you can click “Submit automatically once uploaded” or manually click submit once the uploading is finished.

Then the transcription will begin. The transcription roughly lasts around half the duration of the file. After the transcription is done, we can click the file to see the outcome.

Now you can start editing the subtitles! If you want to learn how to edit subtitles with Maestra, click here.

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